VEGA VEGASON 62 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

VEGA Ultrasonic Level Sensor – VEGASON 62

Ultrasonic Level Measurement

VEGA VEGASON 62 is and ultrasonic level sensor used for the measurement of liquids in open basins and bulk solids. The VEGASON 62 is an ideal solution for the detection of liquids in solids in silos or small vessels.

Set up can be achieved without a medium as the non contact measuring principle is unaffected by product features making the VEGASON 62 suitable for applications in all industries.

VEGA VEGASON 62 Ultrasonic Level Sensor - Advantages

  • Non-contact measurement
  • Reliable measurement independent of product features
  • Price-favourable solution for simple application
VEGASON 62 Level Sensor - Technical Information
Instrument Transmitter Type VEGA VEGASON 62 Transmitter
Measuring Range

0.4m-8m (In Liquids)

0.4m-3.5m (In Bulk Solids)

Process Fitting Thread G2, 2 NPT
Process Temperature -40 - +80C
Process Pressure -0.2 - +2bar
Accuracy +/- 10mm
SIL Qualification Up to SIL 2

The VEGASON 62 ultrasonic level sensor is available in hazardous area options to meet ATEX & IECEx directives

Approval XM – Ship Approval
Approval CX – ATEX II 1G 1/2G, 2G Ex ia IIC T6
Approval CM – ATEX II1G 1/2G, 2G Ex ia IIC T6 & Ship approval
Approval CI – IECEx ia IIC T6


VEGA VEGASON 62 level transmitters are suitable for process level measurement of liquids and bulk solids - VEGA transmitters are available for viscous liquids and corrosive or aggressive products.

Pictured: VEGA VEGASON 62 level transmitter - threaded version with plastic housing:

  1. Housing cover with integrated PLICSCOM (optional)
  2. Housing with electronics
  3. Process fitting with transducer

VEGA VEGASON 62 Level Transmitter

For more information about Pressure & Level Measurement, click VEGA Sensors - to discuss price, delivery and technical support for the VEGA VEGASON 62 transmitter please call T&D.

VEGA VEGASON 62 Ultrasonic Level Sensor
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VEGA VEGASON 62 Ultrasonic Level Sensor
VEGA VEGASON 62 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

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