VEGA VEGAPULS WL 61 Radar Level Sensor

VEGA Radar Level Sensor - VEGAPULS WL61

Radar Level Measurement - VEGA Radar Level Transmitter

Do you need to measure the level of water & sewage water? The VEGAPULS WL61 radar level sensor is the economical solution. The radar level sensor can be used in water processing, pump stations and overflow basins.

VEGA VEGAPULS WL61 non contact radar level sensors are versatile and have simple mounting options. It is also IP 68 rated meaning it is flood proof and maintenance free. Please download the specification sheet for more information.

VEGA VEGAPULS WL61 Radar Level Sensor - Advantages

  • Non-contact measurement
  • Wear and maintenance-free
  • Exact measuring results independent of product, process and ambient condition
VEGAPULS WL 61 Radar Level Sensor – Technical Information
Instrument Transmitter Type VEGA VEGAPULS WL 61 Transmitter
Measuring Range Accuracy Up To 15m, +/-2mm
Process Fitting Threaded G1½” mounting strap, compression flanges from DN80, 3”
Process Temperature -40C - +80C
Process Pressure -1 - +2bar (-100 - +200Kpa)

The VEGAPULS WL 61 is recommended for water management applications. It can be used for level measurement in pump shafts or in rain overflow basins. It can also be used to measure flow rates in open flumes as well as level measurement of rivers and lakes.

The VEGAPULS WL 61 non contact radar level sensor is available in hazardous area options to meet ATEX & IECEx directives

AX Version: ATEX II 3G Ex nA IIC T6 Gc X
CX Version: ATEX II 1G, 1/2G, 2G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga, Ga/Gb, Gb
CX Version: IEC EX ia IIC T6 Ga, Ga/Gb, Gb 


VEGA VEGAPULS WL 61 level transmitters are suitable for process level measurement of liquids - VEGA transmitters are available for viscous liquids and corrosive or aggressive products.

Pictured: VEGA VEGAPULS WL 61 level transmitter - flow measurement with rectangular flume: dmin. = min. distance of the sensor, hmax. = max. filling of the rectangular flume


  1. Overflow orifice (side view)
  2. Headwater
  3. Tail water
  4. Overfall orfice (view from bottom water)

VEGA VEGAPULS WL 61 Level Transmitter

For more information about Pressure & Level Measurement, click VEGA Sensors - to discuss price, delivery and technical support for the VEGA VEGAPULS WL 61 transmitter please call T&D.

VEGA VEGAPULS WL 61 Radar Level Sensor
VEGA VEGAPULS WL 61 Radar Level Sensor
VEGA VEGAPULS WL 61 Radar Level Sensor
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VEGA VEGAPULS WL 61 Radar Level Sensor
VEGA VEGAPULS WL 61 Radar Level Sensor

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