VEGA Vibrating Level Switches

Vibrating Level Switches - VEGASWING, VEGAVIB, VEGAWAVE

VEGA - Vibration Point Level Detection for Liquids, Solids & Powders

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Vibrating Level Switches - The Measuring Principal

A vibrating level switch has a rod or fork which vibrates. When the probe or fork comes into contact with the medium, the vibration rate changes. This changes prompts a switch output from the level switch.

VEGA vibrating level switches are commonly used for liquids. They can also be used for granular and powder bulk solids. Vibrating level switch provide an accurate solution for point level detection.

The accuracy of the vibrating fork or rod is not influenced by material deposits or build up. Vibrating point level switches are also easy to clean.

VEGASWING - Vibrating Level Switch for Liquids


The VEGASWING uses a piezo drive technology to vibrate the tuning fork at its resonance frequency. Once the fork is immersed, the frequency changes.

The internal electronics of the VEGASWING evaluate the change in frequency and a switch output signal is given.

The VEGASWING has a tuning fork length of 40mm and provides reliable level switching in all liquids independent of mounting position. Pressure, temperature, foam, viscosity and bubbles do not influence the switching accuracy.

VEGAVIB - Vibrating Level Switching for Solids


The VEGAVIB uses a piezo drive to activate the vibrating rod. When the rod is immersed, the amplitude will be damped.

The internal electronics of the VEGAVIB evaluate the change in frequency and a switch output signal is given. The rod desing of the VEGAVIB mean it is almost impossible for material to become wedged. It is also very easy to clean.

The VEGAVIB is an ideal point level detection solution for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry. Some typical applications for the VEGAVIB are overfill and dry run protection systems in products such as plastic granules, styrofoam, milk powder and pellets.

VEGAWAVE - Vibrating Level Switching for Powdery Bulk Solids


The VEGAWAVE uses a vibrating fork and is point level switch ideal for powders and fine grain products.

The main advantages of the VEGAWAVE is its ruggedness and insensitivity to build up. Mounting of the level switch is easy and no adjustment with medium is necessary.

Some typical applications for the VEGAWAVE include overfill and dry run protection systems in products such as flour, cement, plastic granules, sand fine gravel and Styrofoam.

VEGA Vibrating Level Switches
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VEGA Vibrating Level Switches
VEGA Vibrating Level Switches

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