VEGA VEGAMIP Radar Level Switches

Radar Level Switches - VEGA VEGAMIP

VEGAMIP - Point Level Detection for Liquids & Solids

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Radar Level Switches - The Measuring Principle

A microwave emitter and a respective receiver are used for radar level detection. A 24Ghz signal is emitted and picked up by the receiver. If there is a medium between the emitter/receiver, the signal will be dampened. The change is signal frequency is then converted to a switch signal. Different environments and mediums can easily be catered for by simply adjusting the sensitivity.

VEGAMIP Radar Level Switches - The Advantages
Point level detection with microwave barriers operates contactlessly and is not affected by soiling – both in solids and in liquids. This ensures wear and maintenance free operation.

VEGAMIP Radar Level Switches - Applications in Liquids
Radar level switches are frequently used on plastic or glass vessels as measurement can be carried out directly through the vessel walls. This means there is no need for an opening in the vessel to accommodate the level switch.

VEGAMIP Radar Level Switches - Applications in Bulk Solids
The radar level switch is used predominantly in harsh environments for the measurement of bulk solids. The sensor does not need to be in contact with the medium so it is especially suitable for applications in the mining, coal and mineral ore industries.

Applications for Object Monitoring
The radar level switch can also be used for object monitoring. They are widely used in the quarry industry to monitor the loading of trucks or collision protection.

VEGA VEGAMIP Radar Level Switches
VEGA VEGAMIP Radar Level Switches
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VEGA VEGAMIP Radar Level Switches
VEGA VEGAMIP Radar Level Switches

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