VEGA EL 6 - Level Switch

VEGA Level Switch - EL 6

VEGA Point Level Detection

The multiple cable electrode VEGA EL 6 is a conductive level switch for conductive liquids.

The VEGA EL 6 level switch is suitable for use as a dry run protection system, overfill or pump control in conjunction with the signal conditioning instruments VEGATOR 632 and VEGATOR 256C.

VEGA EL 6 Level Switch - Advantages

  • Reliable pump control through multiple rod probe
  • High flexibility through shortenable probe
  • Reduced stockkeeping through exchangeable rod probes
VEGA EL 6 Level Switch - Technical Data
Instrument transmitter type VEGA EL 6 Transmitter
Version Partly insulated cable
Probe length Up to 50 m
Process fitting Thread G1½
Materials 316Ti, PP/FEP
Process temperature -20 … +100 °C
Process pressure -1 … +6 bar
(-100 … +600 kPa)



VEGA EL 6 level transmitters are suitable for process level measurement of liquids - VEGA transmitters are available for viscous liquids and corrosive or aggressive products.

Pictured: VEGA EL 6 level transmitter - conductive rod:

  1. Housing lid
  2. Housing
  3. Process fitting

VEGA EL 6 Level Transmitter

For more information about Pressure & Level Measurement, click VEGA Sensors - to discuss price, delivery and technical support for the VEGA EL 6 transmitter please call T&D.

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VEGA EL 6 - Level Switch
VEGA EL 6 - Level Switch

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