VEGA VEGACAP Capacitive Level Switches

Capacitive Level Switches - VEGACAP

VEGACAP- Capacitive Point Level Detection for Liquids & Solids

T&D are an approved stockist & distributor for the VEGA range of capacitive level switches (VEGACAP).

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VEGA VEGACAP - Capacitive Level Switches for Liquids

The VEGACAP range of level switches are suitable for liquids including corrosive liquids and adhesive products. The capacitive level switch is easy to mount and is designed to be interference and maintenance free.

VEGA VEGACAP - Capacitive Level Switches for Bulk Solids

The VEGACAP range of level switches for bulk solids are partially insulated. They are designed to withstand harsh environments and are particularly suitable for the aggregates and mining industry.

VEGA VEGACAP: Capacitive Level Switches - The Measuring Principal

The level Sensor and vessel form the two electrodes of a capacitor. When the level changes within the vessel, the resulting change in capacitance is monitored by the level switch electronics and converted to a switching signal. 

The Benefits of using VEGA Capacitance Sensors

VEGACAP level switches have no moving parts; admittance level systems can be almost immune even to heavy build up.

  • Cost effective
  • Smaller storage or process control applications
  • VEGA’s patented PSA (Phase Selective Admittance) system
  • Wide range of designs to suit special applications
  • Range from the very simple to the very rugged and complex
  • Electrodes can be formed to suit vessel shape
  • SMART - calibrated off line by PC with no product change in many applications

VEGA Capacitance Sensors - Applications

Capacitive level probes are for solids or liquids level switching. The VEGACAP is unaffected by pressure and vacuum.

It has a highly resistant coating and the rugged design make it a great solution for aggressive products. It is especially ideal for vessels containing dedicated products either for storage or processing.

The VEGACAP is resistant to build-up, and coating. There are self-tuning probes that never need readjusting and can handle changing conductivity in many applications too.

VEGA VEGACAP Capacitive Level Switches
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VEGA VEGACAP Capacitive Level Switches
VEGA VEGACAP Capacitive Level Switches

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