Thermosafe Type A Induction Drum Heaters - ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 & Zone 2

Thermosafe Type A Induction Drum Heaters - ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 & Zone 2

ATEX and IECEx Certified Hazardous Area Induction Drum Heater for use with up to 205 Litre Containers

LMK Thermosafe are the manufacturers of a unique Thermosafe Type A induction drum heater which is a proven cost effective alternative to drum ovens. The Thermosafe Type A can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas as well as Zone 21 and Zone 22.

The Thermosafe Type A drum heater contains a single induction coil within a glass reinforced resin cylinder specially developed for use within hazardous areas. The Thermosafe Type A does not require physical contact with the drum and is placed over the drum.

The induction coil is connected to a single phase AC mains supply and generates heat directly and consistently in the drum wall. Energy transfer is by alternating magnetic field and due to this there is no heat transfer by conventional and inefficient radiation or convection methods. As the Thermosafe Type A heats consistently this prevents hot spots which increase the risk of product degradation.

Thermosafe Type A Zone 1 & Zone 2 Drum Heater - Safety & Efficiency

The lack of hot elements means the Thermosafe Type A remains cooler than the container being heated and can also be used unsupervised due to this. Additionally accidental spillages do not present fire hazards allowing the Thermosafe Type A to heat material at the point of use whilst also allowing personnel can work in close proximity.

The Thermosafe Type A has a low power usage of 2.25KW which indicates energy savings of 50% over conventional radiant drum heaters and 90% over drum heater ovens. The Thermosafe Type A can raise the temperature of a typical viscous organic liquid by 15ºC per hour and can be 2-4 times faster than drum heater ovens. Project reports from clients show that fewer individual Thermosafe units are required than the capacity of a drum oven.

The Thermosafe Type A drum heater unit has ingress protection to IP66 and can be hosed down during use if required. Full access to the drum is possible whilst the Thermosafe Type A is heating the container allowing pumps and stirrers to be used.

LMK Thermosafe Type A Drum Heater - Advantages

  • Safer than conventional band or ring heaters - no heating elements.
  • Zones 1 and Zone 2 BASEEFA hazardous area certification - with ATEX approval for potentially explosive gases and dusts.
  • Heats any steel drum, barrel, container, gas bottle or process vessel.
  • More efficient than steam or radiant heat.
  • Quicker than conventional drum ovens - case study cost reductions of 92%.
  • Maintenance free, virtually unlimited life, no radiant heater elements to break.
  • Waterproof - hose-down even in use, with IP66 (encapsulated) rating.
  • Operates from standard single phase electricity supply.
  • Self-limiting temperature control.
Thermosafe Type A Induction Drum Heater Technical Specification
Supply Voltage Single Phase up to 240V, 50Hz AC
Switch-On Current / Power Consumption 21A, 2750W
Running Current / Power Consumption 18A, 2250W (Note - Inductive Power Factor)

Height - 711mm

Internal Diameter - 613mm

Overall Diameter - 743mm

Weight 48kg
Enclosure Protection IP66 (Complete protection from the ingress of dust and powerful jets of water)


Ex e II 170ºC T3 Ex tD II A21

EN60079-0, EN60079-7, EN61241-0 and EN61241-1

LMK Thermosafe - LMK are the world leaders in design and manufacture of the Thermosafe Induction Drum Heater, Faratherm Base Drum Heater and the Inteliheat flexible Heating Jacket. LMK Type A drum heaters have been designated as the solution of choice in many multi-national companies, for individual drum heating applications as well as replacements for large steam heated ovens.

LMK drum heaters and heated jackets have been supplied to over 40 countries since 1985, & used by major companies including Unilever, GlaxoSmithKlein, Astra Zeneca, Rhodia, Castrol, ICI, Roche, Dunlop, Coates, Procter & Gamble, Rentokil, Exxon.

Thermosafe Type A Induction Drum Heaters - ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 & Zone 2
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Thermosafe Type A Induction Drum Heaters - ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 & Zone 2

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