Sick Level Sensors

Sick Level Sensors - Liquid & Bulk Solid Measurement

Sick provide level sensors suitable for continuous level measurement, point level measurement or both. Sick offers a wide range of solutions for process engineering, storage and protection.

Depending on the installation, characteristics of the liquid or solid, and ambient conditions, Sick provides a comprehensive selection of level sensors and have a high level of expertise for more efficient processing.

Benefits of Sick Level Sensors

  • Robust sensors reduce downtimes
  • Easy installation and mounting design through application driven device concepts
  • Maintenance-free sensors reduce total cost of ownership
  • East integration into your system saves time
  • Several outputs integrated into one device reduces cost
  • High investment security thanks to innovative technologies that can also be used after system changes without calibration
  • Easy installation due to small housing size

Sick level sensors can be provided for both small and large applications such as stocking, tank content, storage capacities or automated disposal.  

Sick Level Sensors

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Sick Level Sensors
Sick Level Sensors

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