Sick CQ Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Sick CQ Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Sick's CQ capacitive proximity sensors have a rectangular housing and can be used to detect all powdery, granulated, liquid and solid materials even through plastic walls.

The rectangular housing of the CQ sensor allows it to be used in a number of different installation situations to the CM cylindrical proximity sensor.

Sick's CM proximity sensors have a high electromagentic compatibility (EMC), which prevents false switches and sensor failure.

Sick CQ Capacitive Proximity Sensors - Features & Benefits

  • Rectangular housing
  • Detects powders, granulates, liquids and solids
  • Best in-class high electromagnetic compatibility
  • Electrical design: DC 4-wire
  • Supply voltage - CQ35 10 to 40V DC and CQ28 10 to 30V DC
  • Short-circuit, reverse polarity and power-up pulse suppression protection
  • Non-contact level measurement, even through container or tank walls, which eliminates drilling holes and thus reduces installation time
  • Durable housing withstands harsh industrial applications, reducing maintenance costs
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the switching point - via pushbutton, remote teach for the CQ28 and via potentiometer for CQ35 - saves time
  • Simple and safe detection alternative to photoelectric and inductive sensors in applications such as detecting product in a sealed box, container or tank
Sick CQ Capacitive Proximity Sensors - Technical Specification
Part Number CQ28 CQ35


Width x Height x Depth

28mm x 46mm x 5.5mm

35mm x 15mm x 69.5mm /

35mm x 15mm x 57.5mm

Sensing Range Sn 1mm to 10mm 4mm to 25mm
Assured Sensing Range Sa 7.2mm 18mm
Installation Type Flush Non-Flush
Switching Frequency 10Hz 50Hz
Output Type PNP / NPN
Output Function NC or NO, wire configurable Complementary
Electrical Wiring DC 4-wire
Enclosure Rating IP68 IP67
Sensitivity Adjustment Teach-in button, teach-in via cable Potentionmeter (270º)


Sick CQ Capacitive Proximity Sensors

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Sick CQ Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Sick CQ Capacitive Proximity Sensors

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