Sick Bulkscan LMS511 Laser Volume Flowmeter

Sick Bulkscan LMS511 Laser Volume Flowmeter

Sick's Bulkscan LMS511 flow sensor uses laser sensor technology for non-contact measurement of volume flow on conveyor belts.

In addition to calculating the total quantities and mass flow, the Bulkscan LMS511 can monitor the operation of the conveyor belt without coming into physical contact with it and promptly gives warning of any belt slippage.

The Bulkscan LMS511 has an integrated center of gravity calculator which can be used to detect uneven loading of bulk material and avoid excessive belt wear.

The housing of the Bulkscan flow sensor is rugged and ideal for tough industrial operating conditions and an integrated heater ensures safe operation at low ambient temperatures.

Sick Bulkscan LMS511 Laser Volume Flowmeter - Features & Benefits

  • Non-contact measurment of volume and mass flow of bulk material
  • Laser pulses with high angular resolution ensure outstanding image resolution
  • 5-echo pulse evaluation produces highly reliable measurements
  • Offers non-contact belt monitoring
  • Integrated center-of-gravity calculator
  • Robust structure for harsh ambient conditions
  • Can also measure at low temperatures thanks to integrated heater
  • Compact housing with enclosure rating IP67
  • Maximizes conveyor throughput
  • Reduces maintenance costs by preventing belt slippage
  • Increases the conveyor belt's service life
  • Reduces loading time
  • Increases efficiency by optimizing belt capacity
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Offers savings through minimized energy consumption
Sick Bulkscan LMS511 Laser Volume Flowmeter - Technical Specification
Light Source Infrared (905mm)
Laser Class 1, eye-safe (IEC 60825-1 (2007-6))
Field of View 190º
Scanning Frequency




Heating Yes
Operating Range 0.5m to 20m
Amount of Evaluated Echoes 5
Response Time 13ms, 20ms, 28ms
Average Filter 0s to 3,600s

± 3% under perfect conditions

± 5% depending on the profile

Max Conveyor Speed ≤ 30m/s
Switching Inputs 2 (+ Encoder)
Switching Outputs 6
Optical Indicators 5 LEDs (additional 7-segment display)
Electrical Connection M12, 5 pin plug in connector
Supply Voltage Scanner / Heater 19.2V to 28.8V
Prohibited Residual Ripple ± 5%
Switch-on Peak Current 2A
Operating Current Scanner 1.3A
Power Consumption Scanner: 22W; Heating: 55W
Housing Colour Gray (RAL 7032)
Enclosure Rating IP67 (EN 60529, Section 14.2.7)
Protection Class III
Weight 3.7kg
Dimensions 160mm x 155mm x 185mm
Distance of the Sensor to the Bulk Solid ≥ 0.5m
Switch On Time ≤ 60s


Sick Bulkscan LMS511 Laser Volume Flowmeter

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Sick Bulkscan LMS511 Laser Volume Flowmeter
Sick Bulkscan LMS511 Laser Volume Flowmeter

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