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RHI MID Class 2 Heat Meters


The Sensus PolluTherm heat meter is widely considered the best in its class and can be used for either heating or cooling energy applications, or optionally within combined heating and cooling systems where an automatic switch-over point provides storing of heating and cooling energy in separate registers.

This switch-over point can be changed in accordance with the heating and cooling system requirements even after the heat meter has already been installed (e.g concrete core activation).

The unique design of the heat meter ensures its flexibility whether used with a mechanical flow meter or combined with an Ultrasonic flow meter.

Sensus PolluTherm Heat Meter

Sensus Heat Meter - PolluTherm Features

  • MID Class 2 Approved - Compliant with Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Applications
  • Heating, Cooling & Combined Energy Applications in one heat meter
  • External Communications Options
  • Mains or Battery Powered
  • Fully AMR & BMS Compatible
  • Use with any flow meter
  • Easy to use display
  • PT500 Temperature Sensors supplied with Pockets and pipe adaptors
  • Standard possibility to connect PT100 or PT500 temperature sensors in four wire technology for quick and economic extension of temperature sensor cables.
  • High resolution measuring cycles (2 seconds for temperatures, 4 seconds for power and flowrate)
  • Back up of measuring and counting functions of mains-operated instruments for up to 3 months in case of external power failure.
  • Password protected parameter setting right at the meter itself without any peripheral equipment.

The PolluTherm is compatible with almost any flow meter type due having to 9 different input pulse values from 1 litre to 10,000 litres and the input pulse values can also be programmed on site.

The Sensus PolluTherm comes with two data communication and remote communication slots to allow for upgrades at any time with various modules such as M-Bus or remote reading pulses.

Sensus Heat Meter - PolluTherm Technical Specification
Temperature Measuring Range

1 to 180ºC

(-20ºC to 180ºC uncalibrated)

Temperature Difference 3 to 150K
Cut Off Threshold 0.15K
Measuring Accuracy

Better than ±1.5% for 3K ≤ ∆t < 20 K

±1% for 20 K ≤ ∆t

Updating Times & Integration Cycles Resp

Temperature - 2 seconds

Flow Rate - 4 seconds

Power - 4 seconds

Energy - 4 seconds (16 seconds*)

Volume - 4 seconds (16 seconds*)

*for battery operated instruments

Buffering of Measuring & Counting Functions In Case of Power Failure ≤ 3 months
Optical Data Interface

Physical according to EN 61107

Data Telegram according to EN 1434-3

Permissible Environmental Temperature 5 to 55ºC
Battery Lifetime

6 years & 1 year storing reserve

Optional - 10 years

Electromagnetic Environmental Class A according to EN 1434-4 (2003) resp E1 acc MID
Storing Temperature -10ºC to +60ºC


(Wall Mounting)

ca 125mm x 159mm x 52mm

Width x Height x Depth

Wall Mounting C-rail
Suitable Types of Temperature Sensors

PT500 and PT100 respo

Two or four-wire connection

Input Pulse Values for Flow Sensors 1 / 10 / 100 / 1,000 / 10,000 / 0.25 / 2.5 / 25 or 250 litres
Type of The Pulsers Reed switch, open collector
Input Pulse Frequency ≤3Hz
Protection IP54

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Sensus Heat Meter - PolluTherm

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