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Sensus PolluStat E

RHI MID Class 2 Heat Meters


The Sensus PolluStat E heat meter is compact and uses ultrasonic technology with no moving parts to prevent wear and damage from particles, ensuring product longevity and low ownership costs.

The Sensus PolluStat E heat meter is MID Class 2 approved allowing it to be used for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) applications.

The PolluStat E heat meter can be provided with a wide range of communications options including Pulse, Mbus, LON and MiniBus making it compatible with any automatic meter reading or building management system and comes supplied with 4-wire PT500 matched temperature probes which allows for the PolluStat E to be an ideal solution for metered billing.

Sensus PolluStat E Heat Meter

Sensus Heat Meter - PolluStat E Features & Benefits

  • Certified to MID Class 2 - Fully RHI Compliant
  • No moving parts in the flow meter
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Flow range 1.2 L/h - 120m³/h
  • Tolerant to particulate matter
  • Enhanced data display options
  • Supplied as a complete system with PRT’s, pockets and output boards (where required)
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Communications board options include Pulse, Mbus, LON and MiniBus
  • Available in all sizes for flow rates from qp 0.6 to 60
  • Removable totaliser
  • Can be operated constantly at double the qp flow rate with no damage
  • Flowmeter made completely of metal
  • Robust stainless steel signal converter housing
  • Greater temperature range from 5 to 130 ºC (short period overload to 150 ºC). Also suitable for so-called “6 ºC / 12ºC refrigeration plants” with water as the refrigerant medium.

Due to it's very high ultrasonic signal strength the PolluStat E heat meter is not sensitive to dirt and particles in the pipeline.

The Sensus PolluStat E is compatible with either four wire or two wire temperature sensors and comes with two expansion slots for optional modules which can be fitted without breaking the verification seal.

Sensus PolluStat E Heat Meter

Sensus Heat Meter PolluStat E  - Technical Specifications
Accuracy MID Class 2 Approved, EN 1434-1
Temperature Range 2 to 180ºC
Temperature Differential Range 3 to 150K
Environmental Class Class A to the EN 1431-1 norm
Protection Class IP54
Display 8 digit LC-Display with additional symbols
Temperature Sensors PT100, PT500, 2 or 4 wire versions
Power Supply 3.6V battery or 230V AC (+10% / - 15%), 50Hz, on site selection
Expansion Slots for Optional Modules 2
Data Ports

Optical (dimensions to the EN 61107 norm, data protocol to the EN 60870-5 norm)


Length of Cable Between Register & Flow Meter 1.5m (Optional 3m)


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Sensus Heat Meter - PolluStat E

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