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RHI MID Class 2 Heat Meters


The Sensus PolluCom E is a compact heat meter which includes a high precision flow sensor allowing for the heat meter to be suitable for applications ranging from district heating transfer stations to consumption billing for individual apartments.

The Sensus PolluCom E heat meter can be supplied either for heating systems, cooling systems or as a combined heating / cooling meter.

Sensus PolluCom E Heat Meter

The combined heating & cooling version has a switchover point between heating and cooling energy metering which is programmable, so that, even for meters already installed, corrections according to plant specifications are possible (e.g. for buildings with concrete core activation).

The Pollucom E is available with a range or reading and data communication modules, including:

  • Mbus (to EN 1434-3) with an unlimited number of readouts & play interface for radio reading systems
  • Mini-Bus for use with Touch Pad Reading systems or as a plug & play interface for radio reading systems
  • M-Bus (to EN 1434-3) or Mini-Bus with two inputs for consumption meters with remote reading pulse output
  • Integrated data logger
  • Potential and bounce-free remote reading pulses (1kWh per pulse)

Sensus Heat Meter - PolluCom E Features

  • MID Class 2 Approved - Meets the requirements of EN 1434 - RHI Compliant
  • Temperature range of the flow sensor from 5 to 90°C, thus also ideal applicability for so-called “6/12°C chilling systems”
  • Removable Integrator Option for ease of installation
  • PolluCom E/S with ca. 0.3m connection cable and PolluCom E/SL with ca.1.2m connection cable
  • Fast updating of measuring values (2 seconds for temperatures, 4 seconds for heating output and flow rate)
  • Standard optical interface
  • Tariff function for differentiated consumption billing (e.g. in dependency on heating output)
  • Password protected parameter selections right on the meter itself without additional peripheral equipment
  • Temperature sensors PT 500 with overall length 45mm / diameter 5.2mm, also available in overall length 45mm / diameter 5.0mm as well as in type DS 27.5 according to EN 1434-2
Sensus Heat Meter - PolluCom E Technical Specifications
Meter Qp 0.6 Qp 1.5 Qp 2.5
Nominal Flow qp in m³/h 0.6 1.5 2.5
Minimum Flow qi According to Approval in m³/h 0.006 0.015 0.025
Accuracy Class 2 or 3 according to EN1434
Ratio qi/qp 1:25, 1:50 or 1:100
Maximum Flow qs in m³/h (Short-Term) 1.2 3 5
Starting Flow in m³/h (Average Value) 0.0015 0.0025 0.003
Temperature Measuring Range

5 to 150ºC

(-20ºC to 150ºC for water antifreezer liquids, uncalibrated)

Temperature Difference Range 3 to 100K
Cut-Out Threshold 0.15K
Permissible Temperature in the Flow Sensor 5 to 90ºC
Flow Rate at 0.1 bar Head Loss in m³/h 0.5 1.2 1.7
Head Loss at qp in bar 0.15 0.17 0.21

KVS Value

(Flow rate at 1 bar head loss in m³/h)

1.53 3.65 5.45
Overall Length in mm 110mm 130mm
Nominal Diameter R 1/2" R 3/4"
Connection Thread G 3/4 B G 1 B
Connection Cable Length of Split Meters

PolluCom E/S, EX/S: ca 0.3m

PolluCom E/SL, EX/SL: ca 1.2m

Weight ca 0.8kg ca 0.86kg
Permissible Envionmental Temperature 5 to 55ºC
Environmental Class C according to EN 1434
Protection IP 54
Battery Lifetime for PolluCom E, EX, E/S, EX/S, E/SL, EX/SL 6 Years
Battery Lifetime for PolluCom, E/S 10, EX/S 10 10 Years

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