Thermon RGS Heat Tracing Cable

Heat Tracing Cable

Thermon RGS

Roof & Gutter Heating

Thermon RGS is a heat tracing cable which is especially designed for snow and ice melting on roofs and gutters.

Thermon RGS Heat Tracing Cable

RGS heat tracing cable is able to withstand years of exposure to harsh climates due to its heavy-duty polyolefin outer jacket. For extra protection and asphalt roofs, a fluoropolymer outer jacket option can be supplied.

The heat tracing cable has self-regulating properties which automatically adjusts to changes in the ambient conditions. This prevents snow and ice build-up to roofs, gutters and downpipes which can be the cause of burst pipes, cracked and deformed gutters and water ingress.

It can be also be used as a safety precaution in harsh climates where dangerous levels of snow or ice can form and become a hazard if the additional weight threatens the integrity of the building construction. There have been many examples where the additional weight of snow has caused a buildings roof to collapse. 

Snow and ice sensors can be used to switch the trace heating system on and off automatically.

Roof & Gutter Heating Kits for Domestic Use

Recent winters have caused considerable damage to homes and residential buildings. Thorne & Derrick can supply RGS heating kits for self-installation by home owners. Kits are available in 10m, 20m, 30m, 50m and 70m sizes.

T&D's Recent RGS Heat Tracing Cable Installations Include:

  • Wrest Park Collection Stores
  • The Hirsel Building - Scottish Border
  • St John Church - Perth
  • Eilean Aigas
Thermon RGS Heat Tracing Cable - Technical Specification
Minimum Bend Radius 32mm
Supply Voltage


Option - 110VAC also available, contact T&D for further information

Circuit Protection 30 mA ground-fault protection
Nominal Power Output In Snow & Ice 37 watts per metre
Nominal Power Output In Dry Air 19 watts per metre


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RGS Heat Tracing Cable
Thermon RGS Heat Tracing Cable

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