LS-2i - JAM Aqualarm LeakSense Water Leak Detection Control Panel

JAM Aqualarm LeakSense Water Leak Detection Locating System

Water Leak Detecting System Capable of Pinpointing Leak Location to +/- 1 Metre

JAM's Aqualarm LS-2i LeakSense system is capable of monitoring up to 1,500 metres of water leak sensing cable and can pinpoint the location of a water leak to within +/- 1 metre and will sound an audible alarm in the event of a water leak detection or open circuit saving considerable time locating the source of the leak.

The control panel is wall mounted and has a 114mm x 64mm blue LCD screen. When connected to a single phase mains supply the system generates pulsed echo radar signals which are transmitted along the length of the water leak detection cables and leader/jumper cables to monitor for faults and leaks.

RS-232 and RS-485 outputs are fitted as standard for remote signalling.

In the event of a mains supply failure the control panel has a 4 hour battery backup.

LS-2i Aqualarm LeakSense Control Panel Technical Specification
Main Features

114mm x 64mm LCD Screen displaying:-

Current Time & Date, System status, Alarm status & available button functions.

Power 'On'

Power Support System 'On'


System will monitor 1500 metres of cable

Last 100 Event Memory

Alarm Siren 97db at 1m

Alarm horn 'Mute', 'Test' and all other functions displayed on LCD when required.

Lockable mild steel cabinet

Power Coated RAL7035

Door interlock safety switch

Mains Fail Battery Backup (4 hours)




Volt Free Outputs Water Detected, Open Circuit, Mains Fail, Battery Fail and Service
Resolution + or - 1 metre
Mains Voltage Range 120 or 240 volts A.C at 50 of 60 HZ
Normal Operating Voltage 24 volts D.C internally supplied
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50ºC

BS EN ISO 14001 and ISO 9001: 1994

EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, CE Marked

Cabinet Dimensions

Height - 330mm

Width - 255mm

Depth - 85mm

Water Leak Detection Applications

JAM's Aqualarm LS-2i LeakSense system is suitable for a wide range of applications including but not limited to:

  • Comms Room Water Leak Detection
  • Data Centre Water Leak Detection
  • UPS Room Water Leak Detection
  • Computer Suites Water Leak Detection
  • I.T & Server Room Water Leak Detection
  • Dealer Floors Water Leak Detection
  • Hotel Water Leak Detection
  • Hospitals MRI & Plant Room Water Leak Detection
  • Art Galleries & Museums Water Leak Detection
  • Archive Facilities Water Leak Detection

Please contact T&D for further information and to request a quotation suitable for your requirements today.

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LS-2i - JAM Aqualarm LeakSense Water Leak Detection Control Panel
LS-2i - JAM Aqualarm LeakSense Water Leak Detection Control Panel

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