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Itron Ultrasonic Flow Meter - US BR 473

RHI Compliant, MID Class 2 Approved 2004/22/EC


Itron’s US BR 473 is an ultrasonic flow meter which is designed to suit the requirements of district heating and cooling companies and is available in 3 different sizes - DN65, DN80 and DN100.

The US BR 473 flow meter is equipped with a universal interface which allows for simple integration with Itron heat meters such as the Itron CF Echo II, CF 55 and CF UltraMaxx V to provide a fully ultrasonic system in meter sizes to 100mm or flow rates from 250lts/min to 120m³/Hr.

The Itron US BR 473 ultrasonic flow meter is powered by one of these heat calculators or by an external power supply (e.g. pulse box from US-Echo II portfolio).

The flow meter transmits standard pulses with programmable pulse weight in litre/pulse to the connected heat meters. For test purposes the flow meter provides an additional output for HF test pulses.

Itron US BR 473 Ultrasonic Flow Meter - RHI Compliant with Itron Heat Meters

Itron Ultrasonic Flow Meter - US BR 473 Features & Benefits

  • High Accuracy
  • Certified to MID Class 2 Approved 2004/22/EC and EN1434 – RHI Compliant
  • Robust with no moving parts
  • Easy to install with CF Echo II, CF55 and CF UltraMaxx V heat meters
  • Power supplied by the calculator or external power supply
  • Exceptionally high repeatability
  • Heat, Cooling or Combined Heat/Cooling metering
  • Horizontal or Vertical installation
  • IP54 for heating versions, IP68 for combined heating and cooling
Itron US BR 473 Ultrasonic Flow Meter - Technical Specification
Type DN65 qp25 DN80 qp40 DN100 qp60
Ambient Temperature 5-55ºC
Storage Temperature -20-60ºC
Maximum Flow 50qs m³/h 80qs m³/h 120qs m³/h
Nominal Flow 25qp m³/h 40qp m³/h 60qp m³/h
Minimum Flow 250ql l/h 400ql l/h 600ql l/h
Cut Off Flow 50qc l/h 80qc l/h 120qc l/h
Heat Loss at qp 0.0075 bar 0.08 bar 0.09 bar

Water Temperature

(Heat versions)


Water Temperature

(Cooling & Combined Versions)

Body Length 300mm 360mm
Connections FL PN25 FL PN25/PN16
Cable To Calculator 5m

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