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The Itron Brand

Itron are a world leader in providing comprehensive solutions that measure, manage and analyse energy and water, including heat meters and thermal energy measurement devices.

With headquarters in the USA, Itron have thousands of employees and customers in more than 100 countries.

Itron's heat meters cover all metering technologies, such as electronic turbine detection and ultrasonic. Itron's heat meters meets all the requirements of modern heat metering.

Pictured: Itron Heat Meter Product Range

Itron Heat Meters - CF Echo IIEcho IIItron Heat Meters - UltraMaxx V

The need to share heating consumption costs equitably, the development of co-generation in the industrial sector and the growing use of air conditioning in homes and offices are accelerating demand for heat metering.

Itron heat meters not only provide accurate billing of heating consumption, but also allow costs to be shared among all consumers in a network, such as residents of an apartment block, or shops in a commercial centre.

Automatic meter reading and monitoring systems also make it possible to collect information from heat meters in buildings, houses or sub-stations.

As a complete systems provider, we also provide communications modules and management software to allow our products to be read by radio, M-Bus or pulse.

T&D are able to offer the full Itron heat meter range including the CF Echo II, CF55, CF UltraMaxx V to provide highest level of system flexibility, reliability and accuracy.

Itron heat meters are MID Class 2 approved allowing these to be used within Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) applications.

Itron Heat Meters - CF55Itron Heat Meters - US BR 473 Ultrasonic Flow Meter for use with Itron Heat Meters

  • PTB & DRIE Approved to EN1434 & OIML or MID Class 2 – RHI Compliant
  • Suitable for RHI recording
  • Heating, Cooling & Combined Energy Applications
  • External Communications Options
  • Mains or Battery Powered
  • Supplied c/w PRT’s, Pockets & Connections
  • Fully AMR & BMS Compatible
  • Glycol solution options

Itron Heat Meter - CF Echo II 

The Itron CF Echo II is a compact heat meter which uses high precision Ultrasonic technology and can also be used for cooling or combined heating & cooling metering.

The CF Echo II exceeds the requirements of EN1434 and MID class 2 and can be used for RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) applications.

Itron Heat Meter - CF UltraMaxx V 

Itron's CF UltraMaxx V is an ultrasonic heat meter which is especially suited for residential metering due to it's wide dynamic range, allowing for one meter to be used where requirements can sometimes call for two different size meters.

The CF UltraMaxx V can be installed in any horizontal or vertical position allowing for a perfect reading poisition wherever the heat calculator is installed.

Itron Heat Meter - CF 55 

CF 55 heat meters are one of the most advanced available with a wide choice of power, communications and PRT options for the highest level of system flexibility, reliability and accuracy.

The CF 55 heat meter can be used within complex network management using either a mechanical heat meter system or any ultrasonic flow meter with a pulsed output.

Itron Ultrasonic Flow Meter - US BR 473 

Itron's US BR 473 is an ultrasonic flow meter which can be used with any of Itron's heat calculators and is designed to suit district heating and cooling companies.

Available in three sizes - DN65, 80 and 100, the US BR 473 can be simply integrated along with an Itron CF Echo II, CF55 or CF UltraMaxx V to provide a fully ultrasonic heat meter system.

Itron Heat Meters (RHI Compliant)
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Itron Heat Meters (RHI Compliant)

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