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Itron’s CF-UltraMaxx V is an ultrasonic heat meter designed to be used for all heat measurement application for residential metering due to it's wide dynamic range.

The Itron CF-UltraMaxx V qp 1.5 can be used for requirements which typically require two separate product versions of 0.6 qp or 1.5 qp.

Additionally both the qp 1.5 and 2.5 versions are approved for a dynamic range of 1/250 (qi/qp).

Itron CF-UltraMaxx V Heat Meter

The Itron CF-UltraMaxx V can be used for the measurement of all relevant billing data in heating and/or cooling systems exceeds the requirements of EN1434 and MID Class 2 making this compact heat meter suitable for use within RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) applications.

In situations where combined heat and cooling monitoring is required (such as air conditioning units) the system provides two indexes to separately record the energy consumed in each mode.

Itron CF-UltraMaxx V Heat Meter Main Features

  • Ultrasonic heat meter - no moving parts
  • PTB Approved to EN1434 MID Class 2
  • RHI Compliant Heat Meter
  • Heating, Cooling & Combined Energy Applications
  • Wide range of external communications options
  • Battery or Mbus Powered
  • Option of small or large calculators depending on installation requirements
  • Supplied c/w PRT’s, Pockets & Connections
  • Fully AMR & BMS Compatible
  • Extended dynamic range covers usual flow rate conditions in residential metering
  • Advanced features for field data analysis
  • Removable heat calculator

The Itron CF UltraMaxx can be installed in any vertical or horizontal position allowing for a perfect reading position wherever the heat calculator is installed.

Itron CF-UltraMaxx V Heat Meter - Small CalculatorItron CF-UltraMaxx V Heat Meter - Large Calculator

The Itron heat meter can be provided with a variety of integrated communication options and advanced features such as tariff function and an integrated data logger.

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