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Star Progetti Helios Infrared Heater Fungo Flexy is an adjustable bifunctional infrared heater. The heater is supplied in cast iron colour and with an approximate heat coverage of 22/24 square meters - the Fungo Flexy forms part of the Star Progetti range of highly innovative infrared heaters. 

Star Progetti Helios Fungo Flexy Infrared Heater Product Dimensions
Adjustable Field Product Colour Heater Power Accessories Supplied
Height adjustable model with fully flexible arms Cast iron

1500 Watt (code. HP1-15)

/ 2000 Watt (code. HP1-20)

Cable and Schuko plug; switch on stand

Heat Coverage Ingress Protection Other Features Installation Height
22/24 square metres


 Tilt device - shock-proof, roll-over protection

Height 210 cm

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