Hughes Emergency Safety Showers - Export Range

Hughes Emergency Safety Showers - Export Range

T&D exports division provides a global service for the competitive supply of Hughes Emergency Safety Showers, Eyewash & Eyestation products. 

From our UK distribution hub, T&D can deliver from stock, at very competitive prices. Please e-mail or contact our sales office for a quotation.

T&D Exports Division

Established in 1985, T&D provide a first-class export service :

  • Competitive Quotations - send us your enquiry
  • Excellent Customer Service - dedicated export team
  • Express International Delivery - road, sea or airfreight (TNT & DHL)
  • Export Documentation - including all certification

Contact Details

Tel: +44 (0)191 490 1547
Fax: +44 (0)191 477 5371

Hughes Emergency Safety Showers For Cold Climates

Winterized booths designed to deliver tempered water in cold climates. This range of purpose-built equipment protects casualties from the elements both while showering and immediately afterwards while they wait for help.

Hughes Emergency Showers For Hot Climates

A range of emergency safety equipment designed to consistently deliver tempered water in hot climates where there may be danger of water overheating.

Hughes Tank Shower Range

A range of heavy duty emergency tank showers, for use when warm water is required, or a constant supply of water cannot be guaranteed. These units are essential where there is a problem with insufficient water pressure or inadequate flow rate. This improved range incorporates models to suit a wide range of situations.

The outdoor types are heated and pre-insulated to prevent freezing during conditions of frost, whereas the indoor or outdoor versions are insulated but without heating, to ensure a steady temperature is maintained.

Tank showers are available in three sizes: the 350 litre model supplies a guaranteed flow of warm water for several minutes. With the mains supply permanently connected, the 750 litre model will deliver warm water for 15 minutes, recommended by the ANSI standard. The 1200 litre model will meet the standard even without an external supply connected. 

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Hughes Emergency Safety Showers - Export Range
Hughes Emergency Safety Showers - Export Range

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