Thermon HSX Heat Tracing Cables

Heat Tracing Cables

Thermon HSX

Suitable for Hot Water Temperature Maintenance - 50ºC, 55ºC or 60ºC

Thermon HSX heat tracing cables are designed to maintain hot water pipework at 50ºC, 55ºC or 60ºC to prevent legionella and to provide instant hot water.

Pictured: Thermon HSX Heat Tracing Cables

Thermon HSX Heat Tracing Cables

Self-regulating heat tracing cables are commonly used to maintain the HWS flow temperature at or above 50ºC. Using trace heating removes the requirement for any recirculation pipework which significantly reduces the installation cost.  

Thermon HSX heat tracing cables automatically maintain the desired water temperatures and compensates for changes in the ambient or water temperature by adjusting its heat output along the traced pipework. This is done without the requirement for any temperature controls. The pipework diameters, flow rates and usage patterns do not affect the design.

The HSX heat tracing cable is part of Thermon's commercial range and is designed for installations on schools, hospitals, offices, stadia and residential developments. Thermon offer three cables for hot water temperature maintenance, HSX 50-2, HSX 55-2 and HSX 60-2. Full cable specification can be found below. 


Thermon HSX Heat Tracing Cables - Technical Specification
Bus Wire 2, 1mm² nickel plated copper
Minimum Bend Radius 32mm
Supply Voltage 230V AC
Circuit Protection 30 mA ground-fault protection
Maximum Exposure Temperature 65ºC

Thermon HSX Heat Tracing Cable Characteristics 

Thermon HSX Cable Characteristics

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HSX Heat Tracing Cable
Thermon HSX Heat Tracing Cables

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