HRF EXHEAT Industrial Immersion Heaters

EXHEAT HRF Industrial Immersion Heaters

Industrial Immersion Heater for Process Fluid Heating in Bulk Storage Tanks

EXHEAT's HRF range of immersion heaters are ideal for heating process fluids that are non-corrosive to the immersion heater material. Typical applications include bulk liquid storage tanks, hot water storage tanks, flow heaters, boiler equipment and calorifier packages.

HRF immersion heaters have individually replaceable Incoloy 825 heating elements which are secured to a carbon/stainless steel mounting flange and have a folded steel terminal enclosure certified weatherproof to IP55.

The HRF immersion heaters are designed for standard 415V/3 Phase/ 3 or 4 wire but other voltages are available on request. The working temperature is up to 180ºC and the maximum working pressure is up to 10 bar.g.

HRF Industrial Immersion Heater Product Range
Part Number Loading KW Immersed Length Nominal Bore
HRF 6/15 15KW 660mm 150mm
HRF 6/18 18KW 870mm 150mm
HRF 6/24 24KW 980mm 150mm
HRF 6/30 30KW 1400mm 150mm
HRF 9/45 45KW 1400mm 200mm
HRF 12/60 60KW 1400mm 200mm
HRF 15/75 75KW 1400mm 250mm
HRF 18/90 90KW 1400mm 250mm
HRF 21/105 105KW 1400mm 250mm
HRF 24/120 120KW 1400mm 250mm


HRF Industrial Immersion Heater - EXHEAT Technical Specification
Enclosure Folded steel, weatherproof to IP55, finished in textured grey paint to RAL 9007
Flange A105/F316 as standard - alternatives are available on request
Heating Elements Incoloy 825, sheathed, rod type
Working Pressure Up to 10 bar.g
Working Temperature Up to 180ºC
Supply Voltage Standard 415V/ 3 Phase / 3 or 4 Wire - other voltages on application


HRF EXHEAT Industrial Immersion Heaters
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HRF EXHEAT Industrial Immersion Heaters
HRF EXHEAT Industrial Immersion Heaters

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