HIJD Insulated Drum Jackets

HIJD/A, HIJD/B, HIJD/C, HIJD/D Insulated Drum Jackets

Insulated Drum Jacket for 25L, 50L, 105L and 200L Containers

The HIJD range of insulated drum heaters are ideal for minimising heat loss after containers are heated using specialist heating equipment such as the HISD, HTSD, HSSD and HBD product ranges. The HIJD insulated jacket can also be fitted to a drum whilst a HBD base drum heater is used to ensure quick heat up times and reduce energy costs.

HIJD Insulated Drum Jacket Standard Range
Part Number Description
HIJD/A 25 Litre Insulated Drum Jacket
HIJD/B 50 Litre Insulated Drum Jacket
HIJD/C 105 Litre Insulated Drum Jacket
HIJD/D 200 Litre Insulated Drum Jacket


HIJD Insulated Drum Jacket Specification
Jacket Material

1100 deitex texturised water resistant nylon, polyurethane coated

Insulation Glass filament blanket
Fixing Velcro fixing

Custom size insulated drum jackets are also available, contact T&D UK for further information and a quotation.

HIJD Insulated Drum Jackets
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HIJD Insulated Drum Jackets

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