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IBC Heating Jackets - HIBC/B

HIBC/B 2000W Heated IBC Jacket

The HIBC/B insulated IBC heater jacket has a heating element stitched into an insulated heating jacket made from a water-resistant, Teflon coated polyester, insulated with a layer of filament insulation.

The HIBC/B IBC heater jacket comes complete with release buckles for ease of installation and removal. The IBC heating jacket has two separate heating circuits for its upper and lower halves; each circuit is controlled by an integral capillary thermostat for guaranteed IBC heating. This allows for the occasion where the content level of the IBC is below half and only the lower heating circuit is required, saving on energy costs.

The HIBC/B heating jacket allows for the client to heat containers at the point of use or should the client need to move the IBC container the thermal insulation provided by the HIBC/B heating jacket will help to maintain the heated temperature.

All IBC heaters and heater jackets are manufactured to conform to the EEC Low Voltage and EMC directives and CE marked accordingly.

HIBC/B Heater Jacket Performance

  • HIBC/B without an Insulated Lid - water temperature from 15ºC to 55ºC in 56 hours.
  • HIBC/B with an Insulated Lid - water temperature from 15ºC to 80ºC in 56 hours.
HIBC/B IBC Heating Jacket Technical Specification
HIBC/B IBC Jacket Material

Heated Face - Polyester base fabric, Teflon coated


Outer Face - 1100 deitex texturised Nylon polyurethane coated

Insulation Glass filament blanket
Heating Element Silicone insulated spiral wound resistance element
HIBC/B IBC Heating Jacket Voltage

Available for 110V or 230V

HIBC/B Heating Jacket Power Output 2000W (2 x 1000W heating circuits)
Thermostatic Control 0 to 40ºC or 0 to 90ºC

Height - 1000m

Length - 4400mm (3900 heated length)


Custom size IBC Heating Jackets can be made to order. Please contact T&D for more information

Power Cable 4 Metre H07RN-F
Fixing Nylon webbing with quick release adjustable buckles


HIBC/B - IBC Heating Jackets
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HIBC/B - IBC Heating Jackets

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