HFW EXHEAT Water Line Heaters

EXHEAT HFW Water Line Heaters

Flow / Inline Heaters for Water and Process Liquids

EXHEAT's HFW range of flow / inline heaters provide direct heating of water and process liquids that are non-corrosive to the materials the heater is made from. HFW line heaters can be used to provide either direct or indirect heating of swimming pools, industrial process water and central heating schemes or as hot water circulators on large storage tanks.

The HFW water line heaters have a heavy duty construction and is made of heavy gauge copper and has a protected terminal enclosure certified weatherproof to IP54. HFW heaters are thermally insulated with mineral wool and come with a combination control and over temperature protection thermostat as standard.

HFW Water Line Heater Product Range
Part Number KW Loading At 415V / 3 Phase Overall Length
HFW 12A 12KW 820mm
HFW 12B 12KW 970mm
HFW 18A 18KW 820mm
HFW 18B 18KW 970mm
HFW 24A 24KW 820mm
HFW 24B 24KW 970mm
HFW 30 30KW 970mm
HFW36 36KW 970mm
HFW 45 45KW* 970mm
HFW 54 54KW* 1220mm
* 3 Phase, 3-Wire Delta


HFW Water Line Heater - EXHEAT Technical Specification
Vessel Heavy gauge copper
Insulation Mineral wool
Heating Elements High quality Nickel Chrome resistance wire compacted in Magnesium Oxide insulating powder and sheathed in corrosion resistant Incoloy
Cladding Corrosion proof mild Steel
Pressure The maximum allowable working pressure within the heater is 3.5bar.g (50 psi g)
Design Code Sound Engineering Practice (SEP)
Supply Voltage Standard units are normally designed for 220V - 415V
Controls A combination control and 'manual' reset thermostat is fitted as standard



Two copper pockets are secured into the flange plate by screwed compression fittings, one of which is thermally linked to the uppermost element.


HFW EXHEAT Water Line Heaters
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HFW EXHEAT Water Line Heaters
HFW EXHEAT Water Line Heaters

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