Heatfast HF2260 Heat Tracing Cable

Heat Tracing Cable



Suitable For Hot Water Temperature Maintenance 

Heatfast HF2260 heat tracing cable is self regulating and can be used for maintaining hot water pipework at 60ºC to prevent growth of legionella and to provide instant hot water.

Using HF2260 to maintain water temperatures can reduces overall energy costs when compared to a standard hot water re-circulation system. Additionally installation costs are significantly reduced as no return leg of pipe is required.   

Pictured: Heatfast HF2260 Heat Tracing Cable For Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

Heatfast HF2260 Heat Tracing Cable

The self-regulating ability of the Heatfast HF2260 heat tracing cable is derived from the properties of the conductive core material. As the core temperature increases the number of conductive paths in the core decreases – decreasing the heat output and reducing energy consumption. 

Heatfast HF2260 Heat Tracing Cable - Technical Specification

Copper Conductors

Self-Regulating Conductive Core

Bonded Inner Thermoplastic Jacket

Outer Thermoplastic Elastomer Dielectric Jacket

Tinned Copper Braid

Thermoplastic Elastomer Overjacket
Supply Voltage 230V
Maximum Circuit Length 135m
Maximum Maintenance Temperature 65ºC
Maximum Intermittent Exposure Temperature 85ºC
Maximum Continuous Exposure Temperature 65ºC

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HF1260 Heat Tracing Cable
Heatfast HF2260 Heat Tracing Cable

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