HDi-24 - JAM Aqualarm Humidity Detector

JAM Aqualarm HDi-24 Humidity Detector

Humidity Detector for i-Zone Systems

JAM's Aqualarm HDi-24 Humidity Detector senses changes in the level of humidity and activate an alarm signal if the humidity drops below the low level point or raise above the high level point set by the client.

The humidity detector can be configured via the i-Zone control panel to set levels between 30% and 100%. When the humidity level triggers the alarm points set a red LED light will glow and the alarm status will be sent to the monitoring i-Zone control panel.

HDi-24 - JAM Aqualarm Humidity Detector Technical Specification
Normal Operating Voltage 24 volts D.C
Quiescent Current <100mA per detector
Alarm Current <100mA per detector
Humidity Range 30 to 100%
Recommended Interconnecting Cable 4 core 0.5mm² screened twisted pair
Line-Out Voltage Drop 1.5m V/m

BS EN ISO 9001: 1994

EMC Directive 89/336/EEC

CE Marked

Detector Dimensions

Height - 48mm

Width - 82mm

Depth - 86mm


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HDi-24 - JAM Aqualarm Humidity Detector
HDi-24 - JAM Aqualarm Humidity Detector

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