Hazloc XEU1 Explosion-Proof Heater Range

Explosion-Proof Heaters With CSA Certifications

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The Hazloc XEU1 explosion-proof heater range are suitable for use in heavy industry environments where requirements are very demanding. Hazloc Heaters offer heaters that are designed to function accurately and effectively in arduous conditions.

The robust design of the XEU1 explosion-proof heaters enables them to be used in a wide range of industries and applications including petrochemical facilities, refineries and other areas containing combustible dusts (flour, wood, plastics, chemicals etc) for example.

T&D together with Hazloc Heaters are able to offer explosion-proof heaters with CSA certifications (US and Canadian certification) that are available in three different sizes with 29 different model combinations.

Explosion-proof Heaters With CSA Certifiication

Hazloc XEU1 Explosion-Proof Heaters – Hazardous Area Approval
Certification  CSA C/US 235730 - Certified to Canadian and U.S. standards
North American Hazardous Location Classifications 

Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C & D

Class II, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups F & G

T3B (35 kW = T3A)

Class I, Zones 1 & 2, Groups IIA & IIB, T3

Temperature code

Division System - T3B 165°C (329°F); [35 kW = T3A 180°C (356°F)]

Zone System - T3 200°C (392°F)

The XEU1 heater range offers a dependable, accurate and safe hazardous area heating solution for gas or dust locations providing comfort or freeze protection. Designed typically for the North American market the explosion-proof heater is CSA certified which meets the US and Canadian certification standards.

The Hazloc XEU1 explosion-proof heater range comes with a first class immersion heater, industrial fan and a motor assembly. The XEU1 is corrosion resistant as the heater is covered with a powder-coating and has O-rings to minimize moisture ingress. The explosion-proof heater has large control enclosure with an extra port for convenient wiring of an external room thermostat.

Explosion-Proof Heaters With CSA Certification

All sizes of the heater range include the ExCaliber high performance liquid to air heat exchanger. Available in 29 different model options with different voltage and heat output combinations tailored to meet individual specifications.

The ExCaliber’s rugged design maximises heat transfer which ultimately increases the operational life of the XEU1, makes the heater less likely to corrode and offers maximum durability.

Maintaining the XEU1 Heater is simple as the heavy duty construction comes with a removable heat exchanger core assembly making the process a lot simpler.

Hazloc XEU1 Explosion-Proof Heater

Thorne and Derrick in partnership with Hazloc Heaters offer an excellent and unrivalled 36 month explosion-proof heater warranty.

*For individual specifications of all Hazloc XEU1 explosion-proof heaters please view individual product pages or view the specification sheet below.

Please contact T&D today to speak with our dedicated sales team about your explosion-proof heaters requirement or to buy today.

XEU1 Explosion-Proof Heater
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Hazloc XEU1 Explosion-Proof Heater
Hazloc XEU1 Explosion-Proof Heater Range

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