Haws 7620 Axion eyePOD

Polished Stainless Steel Tap Mounted Portable Emergency EyeWash Device

Axion eyePOD Medically Superior Response (MSR) Technology

T&D offer the Haws 7620 Axion eyePOD which has the abilitiy to turn a tap into a portable emergency eyewash device. The Haws 7620 ia a medically approved easy to use solution to the removal of eye containments with just the flick of a wrist.

Axion eyePOD is a polished stainless steel tap mounted portable emergency eyewash device that uses medically superior response (MSR) technology.

This technology provides an inverted water flow pattern consistent with first aid protocols used by medical professionals which mitigates the risk on inhalation or ingestion of hazardous contaminants during eye cleansing.

The eyes are cleaned by flushing fluid into the inner corners of the eyes and letting the fluid flow across the eyes to the outer eyes.

T&D can supply the Haws 7620 Axion eyePOD which has the aim of stopping driving contaminants into the inner eye's lacrimal punctum and the nasal capacity. Axion eyePOD is the only tap mounted eyewash device that duplicates the methodology.

The eyewash flow automatically shuts off at 37°C using a thermostatic mixing valve that pushes water out of the bottom outlet which prevents the user from irrigating their eyes with water that is far too hot.

Once the temperature regains at a suitbale level the eyewash flow will start again automatically.

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Haws 7620 Axion eyePOD
Haws 7620 Axion eyePOD
Haws 7620 Axion eyePOD

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Haws 7620 Axion eyePOD

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