Fire Escape Heat Tracing

Fire Escape and External Walkway Heat Tracing

Prevent snow and ice build up on external fire escapes and walkways

Heat Tracing Fire Escapes - Thermon RGSFire escapes are found on many multi-story structures and the external staircase design is usually open grating - this prevents the build-up of ice and snow to a limited extent, however the installation of heat tracing cable systems provide safe clearance of vital public accessways from buildings in the event of a fire.

T&D heat tracing systems for snow and ice clearance on fire escape staircases utilise Thermon RGS heating cables (pictured).   

Changes to building regulations state that all external walkways used as fire escapes/evacuation routes should be heat traced to protect against snow/ice build up.

The cost effective heat tracing solution to this problem is to use self regulating cables.

The heat tracing cable is applied to the underside of each stair/tread/landing.

  • Sympathetic - aesthetically acceptable to building design
  • Cost Effective - a cheaper alternative than enclosing fire escapes and walkways
  • Versatile Installation - heat tracing can be installed on/off site
  • Economic - self regulating heat tracing cable automatically adjusts its output according to the ambient conditions.
  • Long Lifetimes - age tested heat tracing for lifetimes in excess of twenty years

Pictured : Heat Tracing Systems For External Fire Escapes. T&D design and supply Heat Tracing Systems for the protection of external steel or aluminium fire escape staircases and access walkways. (Via Storplan)

Heat Tracing Systems For External Fire Escape

T&D have carried out many design and installations for fire escape heat tracing applications. We will work in conjunction with the architect, builder and contractor in order to develop the most cost effective fire escape heating design for specific applications.

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