Deeter LVCS Liquid Vertical Continuous Sensor

Deeter LVCS Liquid Level Sensor

Level Sensor for Control & Indication of Liquid Level

Deeter’s LVCS is a liquid level sensor which includes a float able to move vertically along the sensor stem. Within the steam detect small step changes in the level of liquid level and in particular over longer stem lengths, the output approximates to a continuous analogue signal.

As standard the LVCS is designed to fit a 21mm hole in the top of a tank which is secured by an aluminium head and has a ½” BSP thread. The standard LVCS unit has a sensing resolution of 5mm and is available in 4 variations of length.

Deeter LVCS Liquid Level Sensor Standard Range
Part Ref Sensor Stem Length
LVCS-1 250mm
LVCS-2 500mm
LVCS-3 750mm
LVCS-4 1000mm
Note – The overall length is 90mm longer than the sensor stem length.

The LVCS liquid level sensor is constructed from 316L stainless steel and is welded to ensure the sensor is durable and robust making it ideal for use within food and petrochemical applications and harsh environments. Additionally the sensor has an IP rating of IP67.

Deeter LVCS Liquid Level Sensor Technical Specification
Supply: Current Loop
0-2V, 0-4V,
15-28VDC @ 24mA
8-28VDC  @ 5mA
15-28VDC @ 5mA
Stem Temperature
Head Electronics Temperature
-20 °C to 120 °C
0 °C to 70 °C
Current Loop Output 0-20mA or
4-20mA into
10Ω# to 1.2KΩ*
Voltage Output Ranges 0-2.048V
Sensing Resolution 5mm
Connection Type Screw Terminals
Operating Pressure 450 PSI
31 Bar
Float Specific Gravity 0.65

# At maximum operating voltage and temperature, the minimum load resistance increases to approximately 500 ohms. (An approximate formula is: Rload(min) = [Supply Voltage / 20mA] – [150C – Ambient Temperature] / 0.04C/ohm)


* Maximum load resistance is given by the formula:  Rload(max) = (Supply Voltage – 2V) / 20mA

T&D and Deeter are able to provide custom solutions with a number of adjustments including:

Custom Sensor Lengths
Different Thread Heads
Pressure Tank Fittings
Non Standard Ouput Options:

  • 0-20mA
  • Loop-powered 4-20mA
  • Multi-interface driver with 4-20mA output, 0-10V output, two open-collector transistor outputs, and a serial communications port.
Deeter LVCS Liquid Vertical Continuous Sensor

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Deeter LVCS Liquid Vertical Continuous Sensor
Deeter LVCS Liquid Vertical Continuous Sensor

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