Dart Valley Systems No Touch Automatic Taps

Anti-Vandal No Touch Hygienic Automatic Taps

DVS Fully Programmable Automatic No Touch Taps for Water Saving Applications

Dart Valley Systems provide an extensive range of automatic taps that provide a hygienic, energy efficient and cost effective solution for all market sectors.

DVS no touch taps are suitable for use by the elderly or disabled and have a heavy duty construction to provide resistance against vandalism and misuse.

No touch taps provide the most hygienic method for hand washing which is of particular importance where users are handling food, or where cross contamination must be avoided.

Automatic taps are ideal for use within hotels, supermarkets, laboratories, hospitals, schools, universities, airports, motorway services and food factories and many more.

Benefits & Features of Automatic Taps

  • Adjustable Run-On Time
  • Adjustable Range & Trigger Level
  • Adjustable Anti-Vandal Lockout Time
  • Automatic Purge
  • Adjustable Purge Run Times
  • Commissioning Flush
  • Battery or Mains Powered
  • Easy To Install & Maintain
  • PEX, Copper or Stainless Steel Connection Options

All electronics are housed within the body of the tap and a separate solenoid valve controls the flow of water.

This is connected to the tap using secure connection cables rated IP65. The power supply or battery pack is also connected in the same method.

When the tap sensor detects a user the solenoid valve is activated causing it to open. The solenoid valve remains open while a user’s hands are under the tap allowing them to wash their hands thoroughly.

Once the user removes their hands the sensors deactivates the solenoid valve and the water flow is stopped. DVS taps are fitted with an anti-vandal feature ensuring that should the tap sensor be deliberately blocked, the tap will only run for one minute.

The tap sensor will then lock until the sensor has been cleared preventing water wastage and the risk of overflow.

DVS No Touch Automatic Tap Product Range

  • Classic & Classic Swan
  • Aquarius WM Straight
  • Aquarius Pillar & Pillar SV
  • Aquarius High Neck & High Neck SV
  • Aquarius A32, A45 & A45 DOC.M
  • Aquaritherm – No Touch Tap
Dart Valley Systems No Touch Automatic Taps
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Dart Valley Systems No Touch Automatic Taps
Dart Valley Systems No Touch Automatic Taps

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