Crowcon Flamgard Plus

Crowcon Flamgard Plus



Crowcon Flamgard Plus

Fixed Gas Detector

Flameproof (Exd), ATEX And UL Certified

Detection Of Hydrocarbons & Hydrogen


Crowcon Flamgard Plus Fixed Gas Detector

The Crowcon Flamgard Plus is a fixed gas detector designed with local displays and optional relays, using poison resistant pellistors for the detection of hydrocarbons, hydrogen and other flammable gases and vapours.

T&D stock the Flamgard Plus as a fixed gas detection solution as part of our gas detector range.


Crowcon Flamgard Plus Fixed Gas Detector – Gas Range
Gas Type LEL (%vol)  Ranges Available:
Flamgard Plus
Acetylene (C2H2)*  2.3 (2.4)  0-100% LEL
Ammonia (NH3)  15  0-100% LEL
Butane (C4H10)  1.4 (1.8)  0-100% LEL
Ethanol (C2H5OH)  3.1 (4.3)  0-100% LEL
Ethane (C2H6)  2.5 (3)  0-100% LEL
Ethylene (C2H4)  2.3 (2.7)  0-100% LEL
Hexane (C6H14)  1.0 (1.1)  0-100% LEL
Hydrogen (H2)  0-100% LEL
LPG  0-100% LEL
Methane (CH4)  4.4 (5)  0-100% LEL
Methanol (CH3OH)  5.5 (7.3)  0-100% LEL
Pentane (C5H12)  1.4 (1.5)  0-100% LEL
Petrol vapour  1.3  0-100% LEL
Propane (C3H8)  1.7 (2.2)  0-100% LEL
Propanol (C3H8O)  2.2 (2.1)  0-100% LEL

LEL figures derived from EN61779-1:2000 *Acetylene option not available on UL certified version.

Flamgard Plus - Fixed Gas Detector By Crowcon

Crowcon Flamgard Plus Fixed Gas Detector

Advantages & Features Of Crowcon Detectors

  • Compatible with many control panels having the standard 4-20mA output and can be used as a 2 or 3 wire option.
  • Non-invasive calibration minimising down-time and onsite interruptions.
  • Choice of catalytic beads that can be used with a wide range of flammable gases and vapours.
  • Constructed out of marine-grade aluminium with a stainless steel housing 
  • High success rates in industrial harsh environments.
  • IP65 certification 

T&D have gas detection instruments for the detection and monitoring of toxic gases, flammable gases and oxygen.

T&D distribute the full range of Crowcon fixed gas detectors.

For further information about portable and fixed gas detection visit Crowcon Gas Detectors.  

Contact T&D for competitive prices and delivery for Crowcon Flamgard Plus.

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Crowcon Flamgard Plus

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