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Crowcon Clip Portable Gas Detector



 Crowcon Clip

Portable Gas Detector

For Monitoring CO, O2 & H2S


Crowcon Clip Portable Gas Detector

The Crowcon Clip gas detector offers a reliable and hard wearing portable gas detection solution. Compact in design the Crowcon Clip portable gas detector typically has a 2 year operational life span and is available to detect or monitor levels of carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

T&D offer from stock the Crowcon Clip and Clip+ portable gas detector which meets the safety monitoring requirements of a range of different industries and  gas detection applications.

Together with the Crowcon C-test the Crowcon Clip can provide bump testing and calibration from an easy to use wall mount station.

The table below shows the range of alarm levels and gases which can be monitored by the Crowcon Clip & Clip+.

Crowcon Clip Gas Detector - Typical Ranges & Alarms

Gas Part Number Alarm 1 Alarm 2
Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) CC-H-2 2ppm 5ppm
Hydrogen Sulphide CC-H-5 5ppm 10ppm
Hydrogen Sulphide CCH-10 10ppm 15ppm
Carbon Monoxide (CO) CC-C-25 25ppm 50ppm
Carbon Monoxide CC-C-30 30ppm 100ppm
Carbon Monoxide CC-C-35 35ppm 50ppm
Oxygen (O) CC-O-19 19% vol. 23.5% vol
Oxygen CC-O-19.5 19.5% vol 23.5% vol

*Please note Crowcon Clip+ cannot be used to monitor oxygen levels

Crowcon Clip Portable Gas Detector

Advantages and Features Of Crowcon Detectors

  • Easy to maintain offering changeable alarm levels to make sure that the single gas detector is compliant with any regulation changes.
  • Can easily be configured by using the C-Test bump test station which has the ability maintain the event logs.
  • Portable and user friendly. The Crowcon Clip gas detector is small and light, making it comfortable to wear when attached to clothing or a belt.
  • The Crowcon Clip+ gas detector has a hibernate option which allows the unit to go into standby mode saving and extending the battery life.
    • This feature is only available for H2S and CO gases.
  • Simple to use as the single gas detector only has one button to switch the device on and off meaning no product training is required.
  • Can be used in a wide variety harsh environments boasting IP66 and IP67 ratings.

For full technical specification, please download the PDF. 

T&D distribute the full range of Crowcon portable gas detectors.

For further information about portable and fixed gas detection visit Crowcon Gas Detectors.  

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Crowcon Clip Portable Gas Detector

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