Base Drum Heaters - Digiheat

LMK Thermosafe Digiheat Base Drum Heaters

850W Base Drum Heater for Heating Containers & Drums up to 210 Litres

LMK Thermosafe's Digiheat base drum heaters are ideal for the heating of both plastic and steel drums & containers up to 210 litres and comes with a digital indicated thermostat as standard from which top plate temperatures can be set and the temperatures can be monitored from.

The Digiheat base drum heater can be used alongside a flexible heating jacket for faster heat up times and higher power inputs.

T&D - Drum Heating Solutions

T&D stock a large range of base drum heaters for steel drums (25 Litre, 50 Litre, 100 Litre, 205 Litre). Our base drum heaters can be used for frost protection, temperature maintenance and heat up of drums containing sugars, oils, surfactants, fats (animal & vegetable), foodstuffs and chemicals.

T&D also stock base drum heaters for use in hazardous area zones 1 & 2, click here for further information.

Base drum heaters can be used with additional drum heating equipment including insulated drum heating jackets or side drum heaters to improve heat up time.

LMK Thermosafe Digiheat Base Drum Heater Technical Specification
Base Drum Heater Dimensions

Plate Height - 44mm

Plate Diameter - 550mm


Overall Unit Width - 887mm

Weight 19kg
Supply Voltage Single Phase, 240V 850W, 50/60Hz AC
Current / Power Consumption 3.5A
Thermostatic Control 0 to 145ºC


Base Drum Heaters - Digiheat
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Base Drum Heaters - Digiheat
Base Drum Heaters - Digiheat

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