AXIS SKU-4 RHI Heat Meter

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RHI, MID Class 2 Approved Heat Meter


AXIS SKU-4 is an MID Class 2, RHI compliant heat meter designed to measure and record consumption and supply of heat and cool energy for closed and open heating systems. The AXIS SKU-4 is comprised of an ultrasonic flow meter, electromagnetic sensor or mechanical water meter with pulse output.

AXIS SKU-4 RHI Heat Meter Key Features

  • Measurement and recording of results for up to 2 heating systems
  • Up to 5 channels of temperature measurement
  • Up to 2 channels of pressure measurement
  • Possibility of selecting one of 8 measurement schemes
  • Measured and calculated parameters of the coolant can be recorded and stored in the archive
  • Interface M-bus, CL, RS-232 or RS-485 or radio module
  • Reverse flow management function

Pictured: AXIS SKU-4 RHI Heat Meter

AXIS SKU-4 RHI Heat Meter

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AXIS SKU-4 RHI Compliant Heat Meter

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