AXIS SKS-3 RHI Heat Meter

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RHI, MID Class 2 Approved Heat Meter


AXIS SKS-3 is an MID class 2, RHI compliant heat meter designed to measure/record consumption and supply of heat and cool energy for closed and open heating systems installed in houses, office buildings or energy plants. The AXIS SKS-3 is comprised of and ultrasonic flow sensor, electromagnetic sensor or mechanical water meters with a pulse output. 

In addition, the AXIS SKS-03 RHI heat meter is available with temperature and pressure sensors and the heat meter calculator has been manufactured in compliance with EN61010-1 and with Euopean standard LST EN 1434 .

Pictured: AXIS SKS-3 RHI Heat Meter

AXIS SKS-3 RHI Heat Meter

The AXIS SKS-3 RHI heat meter features the ability to measure and record the measurement results of two seperate heating systems. There is also the option to select one of eight possible schemes of meausuring and the parameters collected can be recorded and stored in the archive or displayed. 

Pictured: AKIS SKS-3 RHI, MID Class 2 Heat Meter

AXIS SKS-3 RHI Compliant Heat Meter


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AXIS SKS-3 RHI Heat Meter

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