Aquilar Aquitron Leak Detection Sensors

Aquilar Aquitron - Water Leak Detectors, Oil Detectors

Aquitron Water & Oil Detectors and Immersion Probes

Aquilar offer a range of water, oil sensing detectors and immersion probes for use with the Aquitron control panels to provide the most suitable leak detection system.

Contact T&D for further information on the full range of Aquitron leak detection sensors.

Aquitron AT-PROBE-TS-M Water Sensing Probe

The AT-PROBE-TS-M water sensing probe is designed to be used within any Aquitron leak detection system and provide monitoring of water leaks for applications where water sensing cables are not ideal and may be prone to damage or would be impractical.

Aquitron AT-OPSEN Optical Fuel Leak Detection Sensor

Aquilar's AT-OPSEN sensor allows for monitoring of fuel oils and other non-aggressive liquids within an Aquitron leak detection system.

AT-OPSEN oil sensors have an IP67 enclosure which makes the unit liquid tight, easily cleanable and reusable.

Aquitron AT-600A Immersion Flow Sensor

The AT-600A is an immersion flow sensor which can be used to monitor for overflow pipes in boilers, double containment pipe systems and tank level control.

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Aquilar Aquitron Leak Detection Sensors
Aquilar Aquitron Leak Detection Sensors

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