Aquilar Aquitron Leak Detection Control Panels

Aquilar Aquitron - Water Leak Detection, Oil Leak Detection & Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Aquitron Zoned Leak Detection Alarm & Control Panels

Aquilar's Aquitron range of leak detection alarm & control panels are designed to suit a wide range of applications and requirements.

Aquitron AT-SZA Single Zone Alarm

Aquilar's AT-SZA provides leak detection for a single zone system which can consist of leak sensing cables, probes and other detector devices.

The AT-SZA can also be connected to BMS, speech and auto diallers, pumps and solenoid valves for remote monitoring.

Aquitron AT-MZA Multi Zone Alarm

The Aquitron AT-MZA can monitor up to 8 individual zones which can be in multiple areas or floors. Each of these zones can be fitted with leak sensing cables, probes and sensors to monitor the area.

Aquitron AT-LDM Leak Detection Module

The AT-LDM is designed to provide a low cost leak detection service for small areas and applications such as Vend Areas, Tea Points, Kitchens and Drip Trays.

Aquitron AT-SD Speech Auto Dialler

Aquitron AT-SD Speech Auto Diallers are designed to notify designated users in the event of an alarm by an automated call or SMS message.

The AT-SD includes an integral microphone and loudspeaker for two way communication.

Aquitron AT-RAP Remote Alarm

Aquilars AT-RAP is linked to a corresponding Aquitron control panel to provide a visual and audible remote notification when an alarm is triggered.

The AT-RAP is ideal for areas such as reception desks, security rooms and building manager's offices.

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Aquilar Aquitron Leak Detection Control Panels
Aquilar Aquitron Leak Detection Control Panels

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