Andel Floodline Leak Detection Sensors

Andel Floodline - Water Leak Detection, Oil Leak Detection & Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Andel Floodline Water, Gas & Oil Detectors and Leak Sensing Cable

Andel's range of water, oil and refrigerant gas detectors can be used in any number or combinations to satisfy individual client's requirements.

Leak sensing devices are installed to monitor for liquid or gas leaking from wet services, pipes, tanks, drains, roofs, plant and equipment as part of a Floodline leak detection system.

All leak detection sensors are activated upon contact with the liquid or gas being monitored for.

The leak detector devices can be operated repeatedly unless contaminated with a liquid or substance which changes the characteristics of the device or leaves a coating/residue which prevents correct functioning.

Andel Floodline DP01 & Pipe-In-Pipe Sensor

Andel's DP01 Pipe-In-Pipe sensor provides leak detection within pipe in pipe systems or double containment tanks using infra-red technology. The DP01 provides an alarm signal if a leak is detected or the sensor is disconnected.

Additionally Andel also provide a Pipe-In-Pipe sensor which utilises stainless steel probes for water detection and optical sensors for oil detection. 

Andel Floodline FGS1000 Refrigerant Gas Detector

The Floodline FGS1000 detector monitors for a predetermined gas as specified by the client and provides an audible and visual alarm in the event of gases are detected above the preset levels.

Andel Floodline Flexi-Pad Water Leak Detection Sensor

Andel's Flexi-Pad sensors provide leak detection for areas that may be too small for to fit other detector modules such as drip trays beneath equipment and narrow voids. The Flexi-Pads can also be secured around pipework joints and valves where leaks may be more likely to occur.

Andel Floodline Leak Detection Point Sensor

Point Sensors are an ideal leak detection solution for applications and areas where leak sensing cable could be damaged. The sensors are activated and an alarm signal is provided when liquids come into contact with the leak sensing probes.

Andel Floodline Multi-4 & Multi-8 Water Leak Detection Cable

The Floodline Multi-4 & Multi-8 leak detection cable can monitor up to 4 or 8 zones of cable for even the slightest leak or condensation is detected. The leak sensing cable can be dried and reused in most cases.

Andel Floodline Oil Leak Detection Sensor

Andel's Oil leak detection sensor monitors for oil or other substances using an optical sensor. In the event of a leak the alarm status is provided to the designated Floodline control panel.

Andel Floodline Single Zone Leak Detection Tape

Single Zone leak sensing tape can be provided for simple low cost leak detection systems where a small amount of leak detection is required.

Andel Floodline Tundish Overflow Sensor

Andel's Tundish sensor provides an alarm signal in the event of an overflow being detected within a toilet cistern or other tank.

The Tundish sensor can be dried and reused repeatedly providing the sensor is not contaminated with a substance that permanently changes its electrical characteristics.

Andel Floodline Leak Detection Sensors
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