Andel Floodline Flexi-Pad Leak Detection Sensor

Andel Floodline Flexi-Pad Leak Detection Sensor

Leak Sensing Flexible Pads

Andel's Flexi-Pad Sensor is ideal for leak detection applications that include narrow voids too small for point sensors, drip trays underneath equipment and secured around pipework joints and valves where leaks may be more likely to occur. The Flexi-Pad Leak Detection Sensor can be used singly, or in groups with a number of sensors being connected together to form one zone.

The Flexi-Pad sensors have a removable fabric cover which protects the applied surfaces and helps to absorb some liquid. In the event of a leak being detected the fabric cover can be removed and dried, ready for reuse or replaced with a spare cover to allow leak monitoring to resume as soon as possible. The sensors can be dried and reused any number of times providing the sensor element or fabric cover is not contaminated with a liquid or substance that permanently changes its electrical characteristics.

Flexi-Pad Applications

  • Clean Room Equipment Manufacturers Leak Detection
  • Process Equipment Manufacturers Leak Detection
  • Narrow Voids
  • Pipework Valves and Joints
  • Plant or Equipment Drip Trays Leak Detection

Bespoke Designs

T&D can offer a custom design service. The Flexi-Pad Sensor's size, shape and base material can be tailored to the client's individual requirements, contact us for further information.

Floodline Flexi-Pad - Andel Water Leak Detection Sensor Technical Specification
Detection Activates with any conductive liquid. Once dry can be returned to use
Construction Tough, flexible plastic sheet with bonded "carbon loaded" detection tracks. Complete with removable fabric cover.
Fixing Lay loose, pin/glue at corners or tie-wrap loosely around pipe
Sensor Dimensions 400mm x 300mm x 1mm (16mm at connection point)
Envelope Dimensions 430mm x 350mm x 1mm
Leader Cable

Standard PVC/PVC 7/0.2 multi-core alarm/comms type cable or similar.

LSF or other light cables can be substituted as required.

10m pre-fitted unless otherwise specified


Andel Floodline Flexi-Pad Leak Detection Sensor
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Andel Floodline Flexi-Pad Leak Detection Sensor
Andel Floodline Flexi-Pad Leak Detection Sensor

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