WRAS Approved Thermostatic Mixing Valves

TMV's from T&D compliant with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

T&D offer a wide range of WRAS approved products including thermostatic mixing valves, thermostatic taps and showers, water flow meters, solenoid valves and washroom control systems.

WRAS Approved Thermostatic Mixing ValvesWRAS Approved Solenoid ValvesWRAS Approved Thermostatic TapWRAS Approved Flow Meter

WRAS is the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme which is a conformance mark for the UK.

WRAS covers all water fittings, plumbing systems and equipment supplied and ensures all such fittings are compliant with regulations to prevent contamination of drinking water, misuse, water wastage and undue consumption or inaccurate measurement of water.

To obtain WRAS approval, products are submitted for a number of tests including whether the product has an effect on the odour, flavour and appearance of drinking water.

Additionally tests are performed to test whether the product promotes growth of aquatic bacteria and if hazardous substances or metals affect the water. Mechanical tests including pressure testing to ensure the product or fitting is watertight are also carried out.

Using WRAS approved products is not only good practice but is a legal requirement within the UK.

WRAS is enforced within the UK by water supply companies and is often a requirement for a number of schemes relating to products which have contact with water supplies.

The TMV3 scheme for thermostatic mixing valves, for example, specifies that WRAS approval is mandatory before a mixing valve can be considered for approval under the scheme.WRAS Approval Mark

WRAS approved thermostatic mixing valves blend hot water with cold at the point of use ensuring that water can be stored and circulated at high enough temperature to prevent bacteria growing in the system such as legionella.

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WRAS Approved Thermostatic Mixing Valves

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