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Thermon are a world leader in heat tracing cables, thermostats and accessories for a broad range of heating applications.

T&D are the exclusive UK distributor for Thermon Commercial heat tracing cables and systems.

We offer unrivalled pricing and technical expertise for the full Thermon heat tracing cable range - this includes frost protection, hot water temperature maintenance, ramp heating, roof and gutter heat tracing heating systems.

FLX Frost Protection Heat Tracing Cables

FLX heat tracing cables provides a frost protection solution where metallic or plastic pipework, hoppers, tanks and vessels are exposed to low ambient temperatures and can freeze.Thermon FLX Heat Tracing Cables

It is available in four versions providing power outputs of 9, 15, 25 and 32 watts per metre at 10ºC, 230V. It is also available in 110V - contact us for further information.

HSX Hot Water Temperature Maintenance CablesThermon HSX Heat Tracing Cables

HSX heat tracing cables are designed maintain hot water supply pipework at 50ºC, 55ºC and 60ºC to prevent legionella and to provide instant hot water.

KSR-2 Ramp Heating CableThermon KSR-2 Heat Tracing Cable

KSR-2 heat tracing cable is designed for preventing snow and ice build up on ramps and is buried in concrete and can withstand temperatures of up 177ºC allowing it to also be used for installation into asphalt.

RGS Roof & Gutter Heating CablesThermon RGS Roof & Gutter Heating Cables

RGS gutter heating cables prevent snow and ice build-up to roofs, gutters and downpipes which can be the cause of burst pipes, cracked and deformed gutters and water ingress.

Additionally it can used used as a safety precaution where dangerous levels of snow or ice can form and become a hazard if snow or ice were to fall.

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Thermon Heat Tracing Cables & Accessories - Commercial
Thermon Heat Tracing Cables & Accessories - Commercial

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