Temperature Measurement Products

Temperature Sensors & Measurement Equipment for Safe & Hazardous Areas

T&D offer a range of mechanical and electronic temperature measurement equipment. We are stockists for some of the world's leading manufacturers including ifm & ABB. Please contact our technical sales engineers who will be happy to solve your temperature measurement problems.

T&D have products suitable for the petrochemical, food, beverage, automotive, water, cement, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

T&D distribute a wide range of temperature measurement and control technologies including products suitable for use in Hazardous areas Zone 0, Zone 1 & Zone 2.

The control and monitoring of temperature is one of the most important measuring tasks in the process & automation industry.

The efficiency of a process is often influenced by fluctuations in temperature. Further, extreme temperatures can cause safety issues and most be accurately monitored to avoid dangerous states.

Ifm Temperature Measurement & Sensors

Ifm temperature sensors are based on a PT100 or PT1000 resistor. The measured temperature value corresponds to a change in resistance and is converted into an electrical analogue signal.

A microprocessor controls the evaluation of the electrical signal. The current system temperature is indicated via the LED display directly on the evaluation unit.

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ABB Temperature Measurement & Sensors

ABB manufacture world class sensors and transmitters for the simplest to the toughest applications.

With over 125 years of experience in the field of temperature measurement, ABB offer temperature measurement solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

ABB's Innovative temperature measurement technology is user-friendly, economic, and reliable even in difficult environments or hazardous areas. International approvals – ABB have the solution.

Cropico Portable Temperature Measurement

Cropico manufacture a range of highly accurate portable temperature measurement products.

The digital thermometers are manufactured to provide precision temperature measurement in a wide variety of electronics, scientific environmental and monitoring applications.

The Cropico range of temperature measurement products offer an improved standard of measurement flexibility.

Temperature Measurement Products
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Temperature Measurement Products

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