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Safety Showers & Emergency Eyewash Stations

Hughes & Speakman Safety Showers 

T&D supply range of safety showers and emergency eyewash stations. We work in close partnership and distribute for Hughes and Speakman. Both of who are leading manufacturers in the safety shower industry.  

Options are available for indoor and outdoor use. Heated showers with built in frost protection and temperature controlled showers are also available. For areas where a fixed water suply is not possible, we can offer a range of emergency tank shower options. 

Please contact T&D to discuss your requirements and we will be more than happy to offer specification advice to ensure your site/working environment meets all necessary H&S standards. 

Safety Showers & Emergency Safety Eyewash StationsSafety showers and emergency eyewash stations provide an on the spot decontamination unit which allows workers to flush away any corrosive substances that could cause injury. 

A quick reaction after exposure to a hazardous substance is vital especially if the substance is corrosive. 

Delaying treatment even by a few seconds may cause a serious injury. It is recommended that after a chemical splash the affected area should be rinsed with water before seeking any other medical treatment.

Safety showers should be in accessible locations that require no more than 10 seconds to reach and should be within a travel distance no greater than 30.5m (100) from the hazard. 

Each safety shower location shall be identified with a highly visible sign.  The area around or behind the emergency shower, or both shall be painted a bright colour and shall be well lighted. 

Hughes Safety Shower Speakman Eyewash Station



Hughes Safety Showers Hughes Safety Showers

Hughes are a leading manufacturer of emergency safety showers and eyewash stations. They are also Europe’s largest manufacturer of decontamination showers with their headquarters and manufacturing hub based in the UK.

Hughes Showers have been suppling to industry worldwide for over 40 years and offer safety solutions that can be used indoor and outdoor.

T&D in partnership with Hughes Safety Showers are able to offer a range of emergency safety showers and emergency eyewash stations including indoor & outdoor showers, tanks showers and also solutions for use in explosive atmospheres.   

Speakman Safety Showers

Speakman Safety Showers & Emergency Eyewash Stations

Speakman  was founded in 1869. Speakman Safety Showers can work reliably in a range of challenging environments and they offer a quick and effective safety solution

Over the past 90 years Speakman Showers have developed now offering safety showers and other emergency safety shower equipment.

American National Standards Institute - ANSI

T&D together with Speakman Showers offer a range safety shower and eyewash stations that are both portable and permanent. 

Both the Hughes and Speakman range are compliant with American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

This helps the user to ensure that all safety shower equipment installed meets the American Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

Safety showers may be found in the following work areas and operations:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration - OSHA
  • Battery Charging Areas
  • Laboratories
  • Spraying Operations
  • High Dust Areas
  • Dipping Operations
  • Hazardous Substances Dispensing Areas
  • Above and below ground mining

Please contact Thorne & Derrick for specification advice. We can help identify your safety requirements to ensure your site is compliant with the latest safety guidelines and regulations.

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Safety Showers
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Safety Showers
Safety Showers

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