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T&D are distributors for the complete range of Industrial and Hazardous Area Helios Radiant IRK infrared heaters manufactured by Star Progetti.

Star Progetti infrared heaters provide immediate and precise heating compared to traditional heating systems. Infrared heaters provide lowest power consumption heating for environmentally friendly and energy efficient heating. Wall, ceiling or floor supported infrared heaters provide both indoor or outdoor heating. Infrared heaters with IPX5 ingress protection are totally protected against rain and water sprays for outdoor heating applications. 

Industrial Infrared Heaters - Benefits

  • Immediate heat delivery using infrared technology  
  • Clean energy - non-pollutant, no toxic substances emitted and carbon dioxide
  • Safe energy - shock-resistant, explosion-proof thermal bulbs
  • Considerable savings - more than 92% of the energy used is transformed into heat​Infrared Heaters - Star Progetti Helios Radiant IRK
  • Infrared heat - heat is enhanced significantly by special reflectors
  • Infraredheaters are among the most powerful of their kind range
  • Lowest levels of electricity consumption
  • Immediate, user-friendly heat adjustment system
  • Adjustment - immediate, user-friendly heat adjustment system
  • Can be used with accessories - Timer – environment thermostat – motion detector – radio remote control
  • No maintenance - long bulb life (7000 hours approx)
  • Heat can be focused - zone heating
  • Compact design - various size infrared heater models

Pictured : Infrared Heater : Star Progetti Helios Electric Infrared Heaters (Titan Range)


Infrared Heaters - Helios Radiant


Infrared Heaters Provide Precise & Clean Heating 

Keeping people warm in buildings which are very large, prone to draughts, or wasted heat through continuously opening doors, can be major problems. Traditional heating systems generally produce hot air, which is carried to the parts of the environment and rises to spaces under ceilings.

With Star Progetti Helios Radiant IRK infrared heaters the client can direct the infrared heat just like light, precisely to the zones where it is required, and only when required. The Helios Radiant IRK system uses infrared thermal radiation, the heat remains where directed, localised in the zone where people are and does not dissipate throughout the space or up to the ceiling and out the door.

Star Progetti infrared heaters are easy to install and provide considerable economic advantages in large industrial environments. As Star Progetti heaters do not use air as a heat vector, but infrared rays, it is possible to save up to 70% compared to traditional systems. The immediacy and localisation of the heat only where it is needed make Helios Radiant IRK heaters a system which is not only economical but which can solve any problem of cold, even in the most difficult environments.

Pictured : Star Progetti Helios Radiant IRK Heaters - provide energy efficient, clean and precise heating compared to traditional heating systems

Infrared Heaters - Heating Using Helios Radiant IRK Heaters


Infrared Heating Technology by Star Progetti Helios Radiant IRK 

Helios Radiant IRK are leading technology infrared heaters designed primarily to provide zonal heating in commercial, industrial processing and hazardous area applications. Helios Radiant IRK provide a source of immediate and highly practical direct heat utilising InfraCalor Gold bulbs that transform into heat 92% of the absorbed energy. To optimize the outstanding performance of the bulbs used in the infrared heaters, Star Progetti has developed exclusive, patented parabolic reflectors. These reflectors, the result of advanced technological research, create a source of heat that is powerful, uniform and directionable. Helios Radiant IRK infrared heaters are efficient and powerful, in terms of electricity consumption, and are considered leaders on the international market.

Infrared Heater - Reducing Costs  
Successful use of a Star Progetti Helios Radiant IRK infrared heater depends firstly on the quality of the heat-emitting component, but also on the ability to calculate precisely, right from the design phase, the levels of radiation (i.e. the heat emitted) and to configure the infrared heater to suit the area chosen. Due to its specially designed software, Star Progetti can provide its clients with a project on which the infrared heating system is based, taking account of the variables and requirements involved. The results obtained from the software are integrated with data from a comprehensive database of technical references – mainly concerning the architecture in question and the specifications of the apparatus. This improves the performance of the system and reduces costs.

Optimum positioning and installation of the infrared heaters, combined with the use of tailor made reflectors, maximises the efficiency of the Star Progretti Helios Radiant IRK systems.  

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