HAZLOC Explosion-Proof Heaters

AEU1 & XEU1 Explosion-Proof Heaters

Electric Air Heaters With ATEX, IECEx, EAC Ex & CSA Certifications

T&D in partnership with HAZLOC Heaters offer the AEU1 & XEU1 Hazloc explosion-proof heaters that are safe for use in hazardous areas worldwide.

The explosion-proof electric air heaters are certified with the following certifications ATEX, IECEx, EAC Ex and CSA for both gas and dust atmospheres.

Electric Air Heaters With ATEX, IECEx, EAC Ex & CSA Certifications For Gas & Dust Atmospheres

HAZLOC explosion-proof heaters are designed to withstand arduous operating conditions in demanding heavy industries and applications such as oil & gas rigs, sewage treatment plants, petrochemical facilities, chemical storage and paint storage areas.

Hazloc Exploision-Proof Heaters - AEU1

The heavy duty electric air heaters provide a heating solution that is safe, reliable, accurate and available when required. The HAZLOC explosion-proof heaters is able to provide primary or supplementary for comfort or freeze protection in hazardous areas (gas or dust atmospheres).

The HAZLOC explosion-proof heaters are available in two series the AEU1 and XEU1.

The HAZLOC AEU1 explosion-proof electric heaters are ATEX, IECEx and *EAC Ex certified. The AEU1 series is therefore suitable for hazardous locations requiring these certifications including Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The AEU1 series of electric air heaters are available in three different sizes and different frequencies 50 Hz at 400 Volt and 60Hz at 480 Volt.


HAZLOC Explosion-proof Heaters - XEU1

*Customs Union ATEX Certificate (EAC-EX) is the compliance of the products with the requirements of the Customs Union. The EAC stands for Eurasian Conformity and is the new technical regulation for Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. This certification in time will replace the GOST-R and Ex GOST-R.

The HAZLOC XEU1 explosion-proof electric heaters are CSA certified meeting USA and Canadian certification standards.Hazloc Explosion-proof Heaters Logo

The XEU1 series of electric air heaters have 29 model choices with a range of voltage and heat outputs to comply with a wide variety of industries.


Thorne & Derrick have over 25 year’s process heating experience. Please contact our dedicated sales team today to place an order for a HAZLOC explosion proof heater or to discuss your requirement further.

HAZLOC Explosion-Proof Heaters
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HAZLOC Explosion-Proof Heaters
HAZLOC Explosion-Proof Heaters

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