Gas Meter Products

Gas Meter Products

Gas Meters for Energy Measurement

T&D provide a range of gas meters for the measurement of Natural, Bio or LP Gases, including Itron (formerly Actaris / Schlumberger) Gas Meters who offer a wide selection of flowmeters as one of the world’s most respected manufacturers.

With technologies including Diaphragm, Rotary Positive Displacement and Turbine, accuracy and reliability are guaranteed with registration presented in either Volume or Corrected Mass Total.

  • High Accuracy - Unbeatable Quality & Reliability
  • Flowrates from 0.03 to 10000m3/Hr
  • Pressures to 100Bar
  • Range of output options
  • Volume or Mass Measurement
  • PTFE Coating for aggressive gases (MZ option)

Turbine gas meters are suitable for natural gas and other filtered and non-corrosive gases for measuring low to medium and high flow, at low, medium or high pressure.

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Gas Meter Products
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Gas Meter Products
Gas Meter Products

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