Flow Measurement Products

Flow Meters & Flow Sensors for Safe & Hazardous Areas

T&D offer a range of electronic and mechanical flow measurement and flow meter products for liquid, air, gas and steam. We are stockists for some of the Worlds leading manufacturers including IFM, ABB, Emerson and GE.

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T&D have products suitable for the petrochemical, food, beverage, automotive, water, cement, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

T&D distribute a wide range of flow measurement and control technologies including products suitable for use in Hazardous areas Zone 0, Zone 1 & Zone 2.

ABB Flow Measurement

ABB have one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of flow measurement products. ABB flow measurement and flow control products provide high quality and highly accurate results.

IFM Flow Measurement

IFM sensors operating to suitable measurement methods can be used to monitor gases and liquids. IFM flow sensors and flow meters are available for a wide range of applications.  All IFM flow control products are designed so that the signals such as flow and temperature can be directly transferred to the control system for further processing.

GE Flow Measurement

GE provide a variety of accurate, maintenance-free ultrasonic and vortex multivariable flow meters and Coriolis Mass flow meters that can take measurements reliably over a very wide range of pipe sizes and flow conditions. Accurate and versatile, our fixed-installation flow meters provide an unrivaled combination of powerful features to meet your needs. The GE product range includes fixed-installation as well as ultrasonic portable flow meters.

Emerson Flow Measurement - Rosemount

Emerson Process offer a wide range of measurement products for flow applications. With many years of industry knowledge and experience, Emerson can provide solutions for increased plant efficiency and safety at a lower installed cost.

Flow Measurement Products
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Flow Measurement Products

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