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Working In a strategic partnership, together we offer an unrivaled knowledge to help with your process heating requirements for industrial and hazardous areas. 

Whether you have a safe or hazardous area heating application, T&D will be happy to help recommend a safe and value engineered solution.

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T&D & EXHEAT in partnership

  • Over 50 years combined Industry knowledge & experience
  • Both specialists in hazardous area heating applications 
  • Shared responsibility to ensure complete customer satisfaction

Air Heaters & Fan Heaters

EXHEAT offer a full range of explosion proof and flameproof air heaters and fan heaters which are ATEX, IECEx & GOST-R certified for use in hazardous areas. Other certifications are available on request.

EXHEAT flameproof and hazardous area heaters also include convector heaters, radiators, enclosure heaters and anti-condensation heaters.

Temperature control thermostats and systems can be provided for installation within either a safe area, or flameproof options are available for installation within the hazardous area.

T&D can advise on the most suitable control system for your requirements, contact us to discuss your application and for a quotation today.

EXHEAT FAW Hazardous Area Air WarmerEXHEAT FAW Hazardous Area Air WarmerEXHEAT FWDT Hazardous Area Air Warmer

EXHEAT FCR Hazardous Area Convector HeaterEXHEAT FLR Hazardous Area RadiatorEXHEAT FUH Hazardous Area Fan Heater

EXHEAT HEF Hazardous Area Anti-Condensation Space HeaterEXHEAT FXE Hazardous Area Compact Enclosure HeatersEXHEAT STW Industrial Convector Heater

Immersion Heaters

EXHEAT flameproof and hazardous area industrial immersion heaters come in a broad range of sizes, power outputs and connection types for commercial and industrial heating requirements. Immersion heaters are suitable for hazardous area applications with certifications including ATEX, IECEx, CCOE, KGS and CSA.

EXHEAT FP Rod Type Hazardous Area Immersion HeatersEXHEAT FP-C Removable Core Hazardous Area Immersion Heaters EXHEAT RFA-C Removable Core Hazardous Area Immersion Heaters

EXHEAT HC Hazardous Area Immersion HeaterEXHEAT HRF Hazardous Area Immersion Heater

Line Heaters

EXHEAT manufacture a number of line heaters for both safe and hazardous area applications.

Line heaters are suited for heating water, gas and oil and provide accurate temperature control.

Line heaters only heat the amount of material which is to be pumped from storage for maximum plant and energy efficiency

Water Heaters

EXHEAT manufacture water heaters for use within zoned hazardous areas including storage heaters, boilers, oversink heaters and baptistery immersions heaters.

The water heaters are typically suitable for ATEX Zone 1 or Zone 2 areas where the flammable atmosphere is a Group IIA, IIB or IIC.

For for further information contact T&D to find the most suitable heater for your needs. 

EXHEAT FP-RCH Hazardous Area Storage Water HeatersEXHEAT FP-U Hazardous Area Water BoilerEXHEAT RFA-OS Hazardous Area Over Sink Water Heaters

Thermostats/Transmitter Enclosures

EXHEAT manufacture flameproof thermostats and temperature control systems to operate alongside many of their product lines.

Whether you require a thermostat within a hazardous area or safe area, we have the solution for you, all with weatherproof or explosion proof enclosures.

With ambient, process or air sensing thermostats to choose from, contact T&D and allow us to identify the most suitable control system for your application.

EXHEAT AFT Hazardous Area ThermostatEXHEAT HFT Hazardous Area ThermostatEXHEAT RFT Hazardous Area Thermostat


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